Kia ora, Fibre Muse!

Welcome to Aroha Knits, where we transform yarn into moments and experiences.

My name is Francoise, but feel free to call me Frenchie!

Mystic Fibre Muse. Yarn Alchemist. Franco-Maori American Australian living in Japan.


A Deep Dive Into My Mission and Passion


I’m a knitwear designer who curates words, images, and patterns to connect us more deeply to the story of why we create, for the knitter seeking to transmogrify knitting into experiences and moments that bless and uplift themselves and others.

With an overload of free patterns on the market, an industry filled with “hobby-businesses” and the still trending stigma that knitting is just a silly cute thing, you can’t pull out your knitting without someone scoffing and receiving some comment about it that just feels like a backhanded compliment. From justifying spending money on a skein that was lovingly hand-dyed instead of just buying it from a big-brand craft store to standing tall and proud and declaring “I am a knitter!”, it’s tough explaining the worth and value of our craft.

But that’s why I’m here. I’m passionate about creating meaningful and fulfilling work, shaking up the industry and fibre community, and serving as a catalyst for transformative impact.

I’m on a mission to start a movement. I believe that our art and work as knitters can make a difference. More than ever, this craft, which forces us to slow down and breathe for just a moment, is needed in our society of instant gratification and go-go-go.

Knitting is not just a hobby, but a form of art. It is a powerful medium of bringing more joy, healing, creativity, and connection into our lives… one stitch at a time.

Through intentional creation, we are capable of transformative impact.

Knitting is magical and powerful. And I’m here to show you how your passion for knitting can make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Why do you knit? Begin your journey of discovering your story of why you create by taking the Fibre Muse Discovery Quiz.


We believe in...

  • The magic and power of knitting

  • Spreading Aroha

  • Collaboration over competition

  • Ethical and sustainable business practices

  • Authenticity over gimmicks

  • Connection and community

10 Things You May Not Know About Me:

  1. I have four citizenships. I was born as an Australian, New Zealand and French citizen and received my American citizenship in 2014.
  2. I LOVE geek culture. Anything under the Disney brand (that includes Star Wars and Marvel) I love and obsessively follow. Going to see a movie in IMAX 3-D is one of my favourite past times.
  3. Growing up, I wanted to be a Manga-ka (Japanese comic book artist). I suppose being a knitwear designer is not a terrible substitute ;-).
  4. I’m a Pisces with Aquarius rising in my star chart.
  5. I love going to cafes and just sitting there for hours (with my knitting of course!).
  6. I have a scar on the left side of my face, right above the eyebrow. Almost like Harry Potter, minus the lightning bolt and magical curse.
  7. I still secretly love reading fanfiction (did I just confess that? Eek!)
  8. I’m woo-woo, and I’m not sorry about it. I consult my cards for guidance, smudge sage to chase out negative energies, cleans my crystals in the moonlight for good vibes.
  9. I discovered that I like the horror genre and have been binge listening to the “No-Sleep Podcast” and “The Black Tapes.”
  10. My middle name is Aroha, which is Maori for “love, compassion, and empathy.” In addition to my brand’s name, it also serves as one of my core values.

Special Aroha Knits Jargon

Spreading Aroha (verb): our core value at Aroha Knits: love, compassion, and empathy.

Fibre Muse (noun): a creative soul who uses fibre to generate transformational impact.

Mystic (adj): a Fibre Muse who knits for self-care.

Seeker (adj): a Fibre Muse who knits for self-discovery.

Giver (adj): a Fibre Muse who knits for selflessness.

Dreamer (adj): a Fibre Muse who knits for self-expression.

Yarn Alchemist (noun): a creative soul who transforms fibres into creations of their design and making.

Master Dyer (noun): a creative soul who provides the colorful canvases with which Fibre Muses and Yarn Alchemists use to create their art.


Sarah Devantier
Knit a Bit of Whimsy

Hey there, I'm Sarah, Frenchie's Virtual Assistant. I work on Aroha Knits' social media pages, email, field questions during challenges, and just generally help out wherever I can! I'm a Dreamer Fibre Muse!

I've also got my own little shop selling hand knit items, and with Frenchie's help and inspiration, I'm also starting to dabble in selling my designs. I love creating something out of nothing, so the process of knitting something beautiful with just a couple sticks and a ball of yarn speaks to my soul. This is also why I've started spinning my own yarn, which is incredibly satisfying.

On top of those incredibly awesome jobs, I'm married, and a mom to two little trouble makers. My daughter (7) likes to design hats and slippers for me to make, while my son just likes to tangle up the yarn (seriously. He'll take an end and wrap it all around chair and table legs throughout the house). If I have time after all that I love reading a good fantasy book, preferably with coffee or wine in hand :)


Nancy Bellamy

I am a franchise copyeditor and tech editor (pattern editor). I edit Frenchie’s newsletters, along with her other written material. I also tech edit her patterns, looking for consistency, checking the directions against the charts, etc. I always look forward to seeing what Frenchie has written or designed, because like you, I learn so much from her! Frenchie is an amazing inspiration, and I feel very lucky to work with her.

I am a Fiber Muse—specifically a Seeker with some Mystic qualities. When I’m not editing/tech editing, I am immersed in knitting. I have a SABLE*, which I continue to add to, as I visit yarn shops. I knit every second I can, with shawls being my passion. I teach knitting at a local yarn shop, as well as teaching private lessons. I love introducing knitting to people who have never had an experience with this amazing craft. I have just started designing knit wear, with one of my first patterns having been accepted by Knotions (an online knitting magazine), for their March 2017 issue. My designing success is due to Frenchie’s design programs—Initiate Knit Design and SWATCH Studio.

When I’m not immersed in knitting, then I’m taking care of my pets—I’m a gigantic animal lover. One fun fact about me is that I have a couple of unusual pets: I own two adorable chinchillas! They are the cutest little guys, and even though they don’t like to be held (they are a rescue pair and I got them at an older age), they give me love my snuzzling my nose with their noses. And when I can get a little touch in, they are incredibly soft! Their names are Stanley and Ollie, named after the old time comedy team of Laurel & Hardy (Stanley Laurel & Oliver Hardy).

*Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy

BRANDS I'VE Worked with

The success and growth of the Aroha Knits brand is largely due to the support and collaborations with other brands in the fibre community. Here, we are acknowledging the brands that have contributed to Aroha Knits.



I am available for interviews, profiles and expert commentary and can be reached at fdanoy@arohaknits.com.

Some topics I can cover include:

  • Knitwear Design
  • Gaining a loyal audience and following on social media
  • Kick-starting a hobby into a career

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