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TRANSform your yarn into shawls

Demystify shawl construction, expand your knitting skills
and create your own full-sized shawls with confidence!

What kind of Magic do you make?


"I'm a fibre muse!

I want to transform my yarn with a meditative project that inspires me to be creative and magical."

"I'm a Yarn Alchemist!

I want to transform my yarn with my own magic to create unique designs and leave my mark on the fiber community ."


I want to transform my hand-dyed yarn into a design that reflects its best qualities, to excite and entice our audiences."

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Discover what magic most resonates strongly in you.

We all work our magic and relate to our yarn differently. Are you a Seeker, Dreamer, Giver or Mystic Fibre Muse? Take the quiz to see which one you are!