Whether you are a Fibre Muse, Yarn Alchemist or Master Dyer, you transform knitting into an experience that blesses and uplifts yourself and others... one stitch at a time.

Ready to transform your yarn into creations of your own vision and making? Sign up for the Initiate Knit Design Workshop! Starts March 23rd.

What kind of Magic do you make?

"I'm a fibre muse!

I want to transform my yarn with an engaging project that helps me connect to my inner Fibre Muse."

"I'm a Yarn Alchemist!

I want to transform my yarn with my own magic to create unique designs and leave my mark on the fiber community."


I want to transform my hand-dyed yarn into a design that reflects its best qualities, to excite and entice our audiences."


What type of FIbre Muse are you?

Are you a Seeker, Dreamer, Mystic or Giver Fibre Muse? Each Muse intentionally creates for different reasons, which leads to varying transformational impact. Why do you knit and what impact can you create with your knitting?

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