Episode 13: Handling the "Business" Side of Knitwear Design (Part 1)

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Show Notes

Today's episode comes from a question that was sent in:

"I'd love for you to do a blog post or podcast episode about handling "the business" of being a designer once your first pattern has been published. For instance, what tools can be considered business expenses? What yarn? What software do you use or recommend for tracking income/expenses? Is it necessary to become an LLC or other "official" business through a local entity? Etc. I've been searching Ravelry forums looking for an answer, and I can't really find anything concrete about the "business" end of things. Thanks for any insights!"

In part 1, I share my insights into how and why Aroha Knits became an LLC, the programs I use and the mindset shifts that happened when I went from "hobby-business" to "full-time business". Because I am not licensed nor an expert in this field, I avoid giving any advice or "next steps". In part 2 of this series, I'll be sitting down with my accountant/CPA and get her perspective and expertise on this subject.

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