Episode 15: Lessons learned from Chef's Table

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This past week I’ve been watching “Chef’s Table” on Netflix. I never thought myself to be interested in a documentary series where people talk about food, but the way they talk about their craft is infectious. They have a reason for why they cook, and they see the value in their work. This season focused on desserts, and one chef said (and I paraphrase) “I know that my desserts aren’t healthy or have great nutritional value, but they give so much joy. In a long and stressful day, just having a moment to have that weight lifted off your shoulders for just moment…”. It has honestly been so inspiring - they are successful in their field not because they are masters at their craft, but because they believe that their craft is so much more and the value they provide is so much more than the food itself.⠀

In this week's episode of the Yarn Alchemist Podcast, I share my favourite lessons from the Chef's Table and how we can take inspiration from them and apply it to our work as knitwear designers. Once again I experimented with the format of the episode (which I really enjoyed): I did this as a live-stream on IG first! So what you'll be listening to is the replay of the live-stream. Doing a live-recording was a TON of fun as I was able to interact with you all who joined me for that. At the moment I don't have a set schedule for when I'll do my next live-recording (but they'll most likely be at 2pm JST), so just follow along on my IG stories to be notified of my next live-recording.


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