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want more templates to help up-level your pattern layouts?

I've created a special 4 Canva Pattern Template Bundle just for you!

This template is originally priced at $29, but purchase it in the next 30 minutes and you can get it at the exclusive pricing of just $19!


As knitwear designers, we are required to wear many, many hats

Seriously! In addition to learning the ins and outs of kntiwear design, we also have to learn...

  • how to use Stitch Mastery to create our charts

  • how to set up and run a website

  • how to take stunning photos that show our patterns in the best light

  • how to make our patterns look as professional as possible

It’s a lot of work, and quite often, so very overwhelming. Many of us don’t have that much time in the day to sit down and learn all of the skills required to run a knitwear design business AND have the time to rest, eat, and spend time with our loved ones.

So I Created These Premade Pattern Templates for You

Why? To help save you time and provide an easy-to-access resource. Graphic design, like almost every other aspect of your business, can be done by anyone else. I want to help you spend more time in your zone of genius: creating knitwear designs. Anyone can create a pattern template. But only YOU can create and transform yarn into designs of your own creation. With this resource, I hope that you can do MORE of what you love doing the most!

So if you want to…

  • Stop struggling with creating the perfect pattern template

  • Let the graphic design impress as much as the pattern

  • Have a layout to match the beauty of your design

  • Uplevel the quality of your work with a professional layout

  • Learn how to create your own pattern template QUICK and EASY

  • Have a series of templates to draw inspiration from

  • Learn about a FREE resource for all your graphic design needs

  • Spend more time working on your knitwear designs because you’re not pulling your hair out over graphic design

Then this Pattern Template Bundle is for you!

Purchase it in the next 30 minutes and get it for just $19!

In this bundle, you’ll get...

  • 4 premade pattern Canva templates, each one based off one of the four Fibre Muses.

    • The Dreamer: eccentric, with splashes of color

    • The Mystic: sleek and simple

    • The Seeker: minimalist with a slightly rustic edge

    • The Giver: elegant and refined, with a bit of flourish.

  • An overview video for each layout guiding you through the template and how to use it and edit it.

  • A two-part video series on how to use Canva and how to create your OWN unique high level looking pattern template.

ORIGINALLY PRICED $27: GET IT FOR $19 in the next 3o minutes!