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Welcome to the Aroha Knits Resource Collection for magic-makers and dream-chasers in the fiber community. Whether you are self-starting a career in knitwear design or expanding your yarn label, it is part of my mission to provide you with the tools, resources and knowledge to assist you on your journey of manifesting yourself as a fiber entrepreneur.

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Helpful Guides

Setting up and Charting the Three Shawl Types


Learn how the three most popular shawl shapes are set-up, constructed and charter: triangular, crescent and asymmetrical triangular.

4 Keys to Growing Your Brand 


Learn how to grow and expand your brand with these 4 essential foundations to make your brand explode!

Top 5 Resources for Designers on a Budget

Learn what tools I use everyday in my business, from producing graphics for social media to accessible yarn brands.

3 Ways to Identify Trends in Knitwear Designer

Learn how to identify and predict upcoming trends in knitwear design using these 3 tips so that your designs will be a hit with the consumers!

Free VIDEO Mini Courses

Curating an Attractive Feed on IG with an iphone

Growing Your IG Following Organically

Excelling at Excel: How to Grade Patterns Quickly

Intro to Stitch Mastery: Charts


This book details the 12 main brand archetypes (based off of the work of Carl Jung). Every brand fits into at least one of these archetypes. Discovering which brand archetype your brand fits into and then reading up on it  in-depth can give you massively clarity on how to market yourself, appeal to your audience and set guidelines for aesthetics.

I think this book makes a great compliment to the reading above. Where the Hero and the Outlaw tells you what type of story you can tell, the Fortune Cookie Principle shows how to do it. In this day and age where social media and the internet overload us with constant information, a gripping brand story that highlights your purpose, values and benefits can attract people to your brand. And make money.

In a nutshell: How to do social media marketing effectively for each platform, especially Facebook. I constantly refer to this book for refreshers on how to manage my Facebook page.


A basic but in-depth guide of stitch patterns, a perfect resource for creating your first knitwear design.

Treasury of Couture Knitting Pattern 250 
(Simplified Chinese Edition)

Japanese stitch patterns are intricate, exquisite and a lot of fun to work with. Hitomi Shida has an amazing eye for pairing up different types of stitches in order to create tapestries of stitch patterns.

Other Resources


Empower yourselves through Crafty's large selection of online courses! Whether it's learning a new knitting technique or the basics of design, you will find a course suited for your needs, taught by experienced and passionate teachers.


An excellent resource for those who need affordable but high quality tools and yarns. Their immense selection of yarns that vary by weight, fiber and color ways is especially impressive. From blocking pins, to ball winders, you'll be sure to find what you need here (and you get free shipping on orders over $50!).