[Giveaway] The Dream of Tundra

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The Comfort Cowl pattern is dropping on Ravelry next Friday! To prepare for this pattern's launch, let's take a moment to take a closer look at the yarn used in this design, Tundra from the Fibre Co.

When I was first putting together the pieces for this issue, I knew that I wanted to work with bulky/thicker yarns than what I was used to. So when the Fibre Co. sent me samples of their yarn, their Tundra line was the first base I looked at. With a fibre content of 60% alpaca, 30% wool, 10% silk, and 120 yds/109m per skein, I knew that this was going to be the perfect yarn to snuggle up in during the colder winter months.

And I was not wrong! This yarn is a DREAM after it blocks and you put it against for your skin for the first time. While it tended to release lots of little fibre fuzzies as I was working it, it was very much worth the small clean up at the end and apart from that, this yarn was very pleasant with which to work. For a 2-ply yarn, the stitch definition is quite good and pops nicely, which is important for designs like color work.

The yarn blooms when blocking, and the stitches even out oh-so-nicely. And as mentioned before, it is very warm and snuggly to have against the skin. When I first finished the Comfort Cowl, I spent the rest of the evening wearing it around the house, even though it was still the middle of summer. It is just THAT good.

Take the time to check out their website and read about them. They recently launched a great initiative for designers earlier this year where they will not only give yarn support but also use their platform to give newer designers a moment in the spotlight. There is SO much hidden talent in this community and industry so collaborating with a brand that is equally passionate about uplifting and showcasing such gems was a no-brainer. Their yarn is very Seeker-esque but their mission evokes the Giver so strongly!

Website: www.thefibreco.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/thefibrecompany/


To celebrate the launch of the Comfort Cowl, I am giving away a Comfort Cowl Kit (the pattern + 3 skeins of Tundra) to one lucky winner! Entering is simple. Just leave a comment below answering the prompt and give:

"What would be your essential FO if you found yourself stranded on the Tundra?" (For me, probably this cowl haha).

Then, give the Fibre Co. a follow on Instagram below.