Rayon de Soleil Shawlette

I've been busy working on Christmas commissions but today I'm going to take a quick break to share some photos and details of a new pattern I plan on releasing soon. I've finally come up with a name for it: "Rayon de Soleil" (French for Sunbeam). This shawlette is crafted with fingering weight yarn in two different colors: a bright or bold yellow and a somber and darker shade of another color (blue, gray, green), to provide a contrast in moods between the sunbeams and the earthly tones.

It's a very simple and basic design: alternating sections of stockinette stitch and eyelets on a garter stitch background, finished with a small garter stitch section, bound off with picots. This shawlette was originally a study in top-down crescent shawl shaping and construction, and I'm very happy with how it came out. I expect to be using this shawl shape some more in the future.

I really enjoy the beauty of simple stitches, as much as I love knitting intricate cables or lace patterns. My favourite designers know how to take simplicity into sophistication, with a combination of using different colors, changing the textures in the shawls as they grow and interesting shawl shapes. That's what I hope to do in the upcoming year.

I'm still working on the pattern for this shawl, but once the draft is finished, I'll be calling for test knitters!

Eyelet and Picot Shawlette

I tackled knitting a top-down crescent shawlette, beginning with a garter tab cast on, to practice using different colors and experimenting with texture. I had knit a top-down crescent shawlette previously the week before but without the garter tab cast-on and the difference between using the tab and not using it is worlds away. The tab border is neater and helps hold the shawl shape in place better. The shawlette is just long enough to wrap around the neck as a scarf and if I had a shawl broach, it could sit comfortably on the shoulders.

I used 100% wool on size 4 needles. The yarn is super scratchy (but warm) so I'll probably re-knit this yarn using better wool (maybe alpaca?) I have to practice blocking my picots better but I am really happy with how this shawlette came out.

Knitting at Cafe Slow-Beat

My husband and I like to drive around and eat at the local cafes we come across. This week we stopped at Cafe Slow-Beat, a small cafe with a rustic edge to it. And of course, I had to take my knitting projects and he had to take his camera.

Ooh-La-La Shawlette

First commission from Japan complete! The lady who commissioned this shawl just came back from a vacation in Paris and wanted something nice and sophisticated to remember the "City of Light". She asked for an outside pattern for this, properly named the "Ooh-La-La Shawlette". 

I used fingering 100% Merino wool for its softness and warmness. 

Completion time from cast on to blocking: four days

Can you see the Eiffel Towers?

This will be shipping out tomorrow. One commission completed... and another takes its place!