Hihiko Hat Pattern Release

The Hihiko Hat is another one-skein wonder I knit up using Quince & Co's Chickadee yarn. The sister pattern to the Huatau Hat, this slouchie also features intricate lace that forms into a star at the crown.  Hihiko is Māori for "swiftness", which this pattern is indeed. You can knit up this hat in two days, even in just one! (The word bears great resemblance to Japanese, so I looked up what it means in, and it is an actual word in Japanese too! It means great-grandchild. Huh!).

My wonderful tester, Chelsea from KnitFitch, also knit up her Hihiko hat test in Chickadee, using the Frost color way. You can view her project page here.

You can purchase the pattern below, on Ravelry or on LoveKnitting for $2.49. It is also going on sale this weekend at 10% off, with the code HIHIKO10.


Double Pattern Giveaway!

I'll be releasing two new patterns this upcoming Friday morning/Thursday evening: the Whakamarie top and the Huatau Cardigan! And this week's giveaway will give you a chance to win both patterns! I'll be announcing the three winners upon the pattern release. Here is how you can enter:

1. On the Blog

Leave a comment on this post with your Ravelry ID!

2. On Facebook

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  • Find the giveaway post, like it, and leave a comment (with your Rav ID).

3. On Instagram

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And that's all! Both patterns will go live on Ravelry, LoveKnitting and on this website for $5.99 each. But don't worry, there will be a release sale for the weekend as I always do!

Finished Object: Māia Tee

I wanted to give myself a challenge and step outside of my comfort zone for my next design, mostly focusing on unusual garment construction techniques. Well I certainly got it on this piece! Surprisingly though, I think the greatest challenge came not from the diagonal body but from the mesh section since I was stumped for a good long while on firstly, what pattern would go well with the diagonal stripes and then secondly, what kind of sleeves I wanted. Did I want drop sleeves or something sleeveless? And from that I had to figure out how to write the pattern so that knitters could come to the similar results. This pattern is more formulaic than a strict "knit x rows until you have y sts on your needle".

This is also my first time working with madelinetosh yarn. I used one skein of madelinetosh tosh merino light in the color ways Heartbeat and Dandelion. Such beautiful and vivid colors! They did bleed a lot when I was soaking them, but thankfully only the water turned a bright red and the yarn colors remained unaffected.

I have a call for test knitters in my Ravelry forum here.

On My Needles... Madelinetosh!

This new design I'm working on is 100% purely experimental. I'm combining several different elements and seeing how it all works out. While I've seen other designs incorporating these some of these elements, I'm wondering how the accumulation of these ideas will work together in this project (hint: it's a top. Again).

Also, I sure do hope I have enough yarn for this! I'm finally using madelinetosh yarn and this is Tosh Merino. And it is SUCH a pleasure to work with. While the yarn does pile a bit because it is 100% Merino wool and single-ply, it knits up so nicely and the stitches are devine! Very lovely yarn to work with...

Let's Chat!: What are Your Favourite Yarn Colour Combinations?

The Let’s Chat series is a thread on my Ravelry forum where a new conversation topic related to knitting is posted every week. Participants in the threads are entered into a monthly giveaway where they can win either one of my patterns, yarn in my stash or receive a surprise package filled with goodies from Japan!

This week, I'm going to be asking you for your favourite yarn color combinations! Here are some of mine, using Julie Asselin's colorways as examples. I think I'll let the images speak for themselves this week...

hat are your favourite yarn combos? Leave a comment (and if possible images!) on my Ravelry forum here!

Thank you so much for last week's topic: great participation all over the board! I got to see some great pieces of advice from a range of knitters and I think these tidbits are still applicable to all of us, no matter how long we have been knitting for! Here are some of my favourite responses (from Ravelry only, but I loved all the responses I received on IG and FB!)

From hiver74 (this is a great one!):

My advice for Young people should be to do like me : first, knit a lot clothes for puppies. It’s funny, we learn a lot of new stitches, it’s not too long, and we don’t use a lot of yarn. And we can have a lot of very beautiful ensembles : dress, socks, hat, bag, scarve, etc, in the same color!
If this was specific to me, I’d tell myself to take a few days to read a book on fibers (like Clara Parkes’ book) and maybe give spinning a whirl to understand a bit more about yarn before I start going on buying sprees :)

With more education, I’ve moved away from Alpaca (love it, but it doesn’t work in many of the patterns I’ve been making a lot), avoid single-ply yarns and am no longer afraid of some yarn which feels kind of rough (washing and blocking does wonders!).

I also highly recommend getting Clara Parkes' book as well.

From nakamili:

I’d have to tell myself to think of the wearability of a pattern before you start on it.
When I started out I’d knit anything and now I have a few pieces (mainly shawls) that I never wear. Which I find sad because I spent a lot of time on these, but they just don’t match the other things I have in my closet.

Knitting made me a lot more aware of what I like to wear and what looks good on me :)

Let's Chat!: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self as a Beginner Knitter?

The Let’s Chat series is a thread on my Ravelry forum where a new conversation topic related to knitting is posted every week. Participants in the threads are entered into a monthly giveaway where they can win either one of my patterns, yarn in my stash or receive a surprise package filled with goodies from Japan!

This week's topic comes from my amazing moderator! She asks: What piece of advice would you give your younger self as a beginner knitter?

The FO in the image above comes from my first garment project (about five months into when I first started knitting) - and additionally this was my first commissioned piece. While the FO came out nicely and the recipient was happy with the result, there was one thing I should have done while knitting this: do a gauge swatch. My final gauge was off just so slightly so the resulting piece was an inch or so shorted than what it should have been. I thought blocking it aggressively could fix that, but now, I know so much better. I keep the aggressive blocking for my shawls and the regular "wash and lay flat" treatment for my garment pieces.

So the piece of advice I would have given my younger self: save time and do a gauge swatch!

What about you? What advice would you have given to yourself? Join in on the conversation here!

Last week I asked: What makes an interesting knit? Here are some of the responses from some lovely Ravelry members!

From nakamili

An interesting knit for me is one in which I get to learn a new technique. Mostly to do with the shaping of the garment. Things like short rows, raglan increasing or decreasing or a new kind of heel shaping that I haven’t used before.
I think that I like variety that comes with knitting 2-3 projects at a time. I love having a mindless knit that I can work on when I’m knitting with others or taking a project on the go. I do like a challenge though, so something that makes me think, but not so hard it drives me nuts trying to figure it out. I, too, like textures, but I find doing (yo k2tog) over and over trips me up on endless shawl rows. For some reason I must check out and forget one or two yarn overs! if I’ve been knitting on a big project, I’ll choose something small, like a hat or tea coaster to give myself a break. I’m drawn to patterns using fingering, Sport or Dk since I like to wear lighter weight projects most of the time where I live. I tend to stay away from lace as I worry it will snag and ruin all my hard work!

Rudipatoodee, I gotta agree with you about the lace yarn! It's a pain to fix mistakes in that!

From aersknits

I like mostly single-color patterns, with texture or stockinette stitch with an interesting break of pattern with lace or texture - like a lot of others have been writing about!

Looking at my recent projects on Ravelry, I see that I like using worsted weight yarn with projects that have short repeats of texture (easy to memorize!). Also, I really like cables. My Bloomsbury, Romantic TML, and my Sister Shalom Cardigan all have stockinette stitch with just a bit of some interesting texture. I’ve made four of my Mal Cowls, and four Man Hats!! (They have similar, easy texture.) I REALLY liked knitting my Blanca Cable Sweater, even though I made a terrible mistake and had to rip out a lot to fix it. But, I don’t think I have been as motivated for a while since I finished that sweater, since I enjoyed it so much.

Finally, I also enjoy nice construction and finishing details, such as in a sock or sweater. In socks, I really like Cookie A’s designs. In sweaters, I like raglans and saddle shoulders that are pullovers - with texture. (hint hint here’s some designing ideas!) ;)

(Hint taken, aersknits!)

I noticed that the majority of answers were along the lines of: alternating textures and simple lace. I'm taking note of this for future designs!