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Huatau Hat and 3K+ IG Followers Giveaway!

I'm excited to announce the release date for the Huatau Hat: it will be going live on Ravelry this Friday, June 26th! The pattern price of the hat will be $2.49 but I will be offering a discount code for the weekend release, as I always do. However if you sign up for my Newsletter, you will receive special subscriber only discounts on new pattern releases, as well as monthly discounts on certain patterns. 

Anyways, onto the exciting stuff!

Huatau Hat and Chickadee Yarn Giveaway

I always host giveaways during the week that I'm releasing a pattern. However this time I'm going to be adding a little something extra. Not only will two winners receive a copy of the Huatau Hat pattern for free, but I will also be giving them one skein of Quince & Co's Chickadee* yarn, in the color way delft, so that they can knit up their own! This is the yarn I used for my sample and truly, Chickadee is so amazing, that I decided to share this wonderful yarn with two lucky knitters. It was originally going to be used for a future design project, but I think I need to give back to the wonderful knitting community who have helped my designs and patterns be such a success and give me the motivation and confidence to keep designing. So, thank you!

How To Enter

There are several ways for you to enter this giveaway and each entry will increase your chances of winning!

Via Instagram: 

1. You must be following me

2. Tag a friend or two on my IG post (same image as this!) and/or repost this image! (Don't forget to tag me if you repost!)

Via Facebook:

1. You must be a fan of my page

2. Leave a comment on the post (feel free to share the image with your friends!) and add your Rav ID so I can contact you!

Via this Blog:

1. Just leave a comment on this post (and leave your Rav ID!).

And that's all! I will be choosing the winners this Friday when I release the pattern. Good luck to you all!

*Note: this giveaway is not affiliated with Quince & Co. The yarn in this giveaway has been purchased independently with my own funds.

Yarn Stash: Quince & Co Chickadee

Colorway: Delft

Whoops, looks like Quince & Co's Chickadee found its way into my stash again. I am seriously in love with this yarn. It is not the softest yarn I have ever worked with, but it is comfortable, squishy, warm and, one of my favourite aspects about it, the stitch definition of this yarn is just divine. I love how it knits up in stockinette and it opens up nicely to show off lacework. It is also one of the not so common sport weight yarns, one of my favourite weights as it sits right between fingering and DK weight.

One example of how nicely an FO turns out in this yarn.

As many other designers, I am often several designs ahead of the current project I'm working on. This is important to me as it keeps my mind active and busy and I don't have to worry about not having any projects to do in the upcoming months. So what do I have in store for this yarn? Well, I'm planning on using cables and textured stitches to form a cowl, but with a twist! Or tip. Triangular tip! But this design won't be coming out until the end of summer or early autumn. The yarn is 100% wool, so I might get a heat stroke if I start it too early. ;-)

On My Needles: Linen!

This past week, I have been working non-stop on a project for my first magazine pattern publication! It's a small knitting magazine based in Chicago but I'm excited to get my foot outside of self-publication. Of course, I've continued to submit designs to other publications over the past few months (Pom-Pom mag, Twist Collective and amirisu to name a few...) and I find that will each new submission cycle, my understanding of garments gets better and better, as I have to study up a bit on garment design. The best way for me to learn how to design garments is to actually make them however, so in addition to submitting garment designs, I'm also drawing up sketches for garments for self-publishing. It's been really nice to go back to my notebooks and just draw, since drawing/sketching was my first love growing up. Combining knitting and drawing makes me extremely happy.

Swatch in Quince & Co's Sparrow line

Swatch in Quince & Co's Sparrow line

This garment is knit in the round so I had to learn how to swatch in the round. It's a fascinating technique but so wasteful on the yarn! Sparrow is 100% linen and if you noticed, I just knit in stockinette stitch and there is no curling! Apparently this is a feature of the yarn (I'm not sure that it's because of the fiber properties), which just makes me go "Wow!". I still have so much to learn about fiber characteristics.

Look at that drape!

Look at that drape!

I also love how this yarn drapes. I was really nervous about working with this yarn, which led me to learn another important lesson: needle size and type makes all the difference. I was using a size 4 nickel plated tip needle and the stitches were really uneven and I was just no satisfied with how the stockinette was coming out. Then I purchased a size 3 Hiya-Hiya Stainless steel needles and wow, it made such the difference! Firstly, with the smaller size made the gauge more to my liking and the steel held better on the linen but also allowed for quick knitting.

Currently, I have about 1 and a 1/2 skeins of Sparrow left (out of 5, and one of those skeins went to knitting up a million swatches) and I still have to finish up the main body of this design. I really hope I don't have to buy another skein because I really don't like waiting for the mailman.