plucky knitter

Yarn Shipment: The Plucky Knitter

I am so happy that have finally gotten my hands on this yarn. I've seen it everywhere online, lots of knitters love it, and the dog mascot is so adorable. The Plucky Knitter team was so gracious to give me yarn support for an upcoming Fall/Winter design I have planned in the works - and now I have ten wonderful skeins of their Primo Worsted based, in the color ways Dirty Blonde and High Cotton. 

The yarn arrived at my doorstep at just the right moment. I had just finished updating all of the English version of my patterns (which I shall be uploading onto Ravelry, LoveKnitting and here in the next few days) and I was exhausted. However when the postman knocked on my door, I knew I had a package of yarn just waiting for me and sprinted down the stairs, tore open the package and immediately started taking photos. I love taking photos of yarn. It's both relaxing and really fun!

I'll begin working with this yarn sometime next month, as I have some other projects lined up for me. And I'm waiting on one more yarn shipment... Hopefully that one arrives soon!

As extra site news, I am in the process of uploading the revised versions of the English patterns onto Ravelry and LoveKnitting and all the patterns on this site have already been updated. Here's a sneak peak at new layout.