NEWS: Aroha Knits Launches Partner Program

In an effort to foster greater collaboration and support between designer and independent knitting shop owners, Aroha Knits is now offering knitters the opportunity to join its recently launched partner program. Knitters wishing to expand their Etsy, online or on-site store inventory can purchase an Aroha Knits cottage license for any original design. This license grants a single individual legal permission to create and sell for profit items made from patterns designed and self-published by Francoise Danoy.

This partner program was created as a collaborative effort between Aroha Knits and Alice Fate to encourage small knitting businesses to support independent designers, such as herself, by purchasing a license and giving proper credit to the designer. “There is a lot of talk and buzz about what knitters can and cannot do with the finished objects (also known as FOs) they knit from a copyrighted pattern”, says Francoise Danoy, founder and owner of Aroha Knits. “Many argue that purchase of the pattern grants them the right to make profits off the FOs, despite what policies the designer may implement.”

As a designer has very little legal power over the control of sold patterns, Aroha Knits and Alice Fate had to judge what benefits could encourage small knitting businesses into joining the program. In exchange for purchasing a cottage license and crediting the designer, the knitter will be featured on the Aroha Knits website and periodically promoted on other forms of social media. “I think this is such a fabulous way to build more community instead of separation [between the designer and knitters”, says Katie, owner of Alice Fate. “This really presents a way to be open, honest and fair to both parties”.

Learn more about the partner program here.

Stay tuned this week to read Katie's interview with Aroha Knits!