Meet Katie from Alice Fate

With the launch of the partner program, Aroha Knits is proud to present its first partner, Kaite from Alice Fate! Alice Fate has been hugely instrumental in creating the partner program, it all started when she contacted me asking what my policies on selling FOs from my patterns where. Answer: I never really put any thought into it! Thus, we began to send emails back and forth trying to find a good middle ground that would benefit the both of us. And the partner program was born!

Katie is now licensed to knit to order the Winding Roads Beanie. With the acceptance of her application to become a partner, I then interviewed Katie to give readers a sense of who she is and what she does. Read the interview below...

Image from Alice Fate's  Instagram .

Image from Alice Fate's Instagram.


Tell us a little about yourself...

My name is Katie, and I am the woman behind the curtain of the small business I've created and christened Alice Fate. Alice Fate encompasses the majority of my wide variety of interests - including but not limited to, fiber arts (knitting, crocheting, sewing and mixed media), yoga, essential oils and natural home remedies, collecting vintage treasures, spreading and propagating the healing power of creativity, and the beauty of living as simply and naturally as possible. 

What does your shop focus on selling/making? 

My shop focuses on selling and making objects that are organic, healing and sustainable. I believe in a better way - in being the change I wish to see in the world. I dedicate meticulous attention and time to the materials I transform into beautiful things. I want the creations I put into the world to bring the least amount of harm to mother earth and her inhabitants. This is why I choose organically produced food and fibers. “Simply stated, organic produce and other ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, genetically modified organisms, or ionizing radiation” ( Most of the farmers choosing to grow their produce and other crops organically also are incredibly conscious about conserving and preserving as many of our natural resources as possible. In essence, they are being good stewards. I not only support this work, but also am delighted to be a part of it by using my power as a consumer to support the small businesses and movers and shakers and makers that are also on board. As consumers, we have immense power to bring about huge change in this world by choosing to authentically support the causes and the businesses that are doing the best they can to operate in the most sustainable and healthy ways possible. The more we support each other, the more organic, healing, and sustainable products exist. This means more demand, which lowers the cost and increases the availabity. This is how we bring about change! 

What do you hope to spread and share through your products?

I hope to spread encouragement, awareness, collaboration, inspiration and healing through creativity, yogic philosophies and sustainability. It is my belief that it is our souls that need healing. Our bodies are the physical manifestation of that soul. If the soul is “sick,” the physical body will be too. I have found that my most direct channels to my soul are through the use of my creativity and through meditation. I hope, though my products, I can offer and encourage use of those channels in a soft and subtle way that allows one to follow his or her own path.

How did you get into knitting?

I taught myself to crochet when I was about 8 or 9. My mother attempted to teach me, but we both became incredibly frustrated rather quickly primarily because she is left-handed and I am right-handed. Eventually, after lots of sighs and groans, she handed me a little pamphlet that was a beginner’s guide to crocheting and away I went. I never really took the craft too seriously early on. Occasionally throughout my teens and early twenties, especially in times of great stress, I would crochet a blanket. It wasn’t until more recently (within the last 1.5 years), that I really re-awakened and pursued crocheting on a deeper level, and promptly taught myself to knit using books from the library and youtube videos and online tutorials. I really liked crocheting and I still do, but I soon learned that knitting uses about 1/3 of the yarn (that darn sustainability thing again), and I love the fabric I can produce even with the most basic of stitches. The drape and feel is so much different than a crocheted piece. Long story short, I got into knitting because crocheting wasn’t enough.

What advice do you have for beginner knitters?

Be patient with yourself! Remember that mistakes can be as beautiful, if not more beautiful than a perfect execution. Try it and find out! The internet is a glorious resource. If you can muster up the patience, you can teach yourself anything. There are tons of youtube videos available and written tutorials for free. You can literally type whatever you’re trying to figure out into the google search bar and 95% of the time, there will be a video and an article and a forum post (at least!).

Knitting is a metaphor for life. It can be challenging and frustrating, and simultaneously rewarding and empowering. It can teach patience and how to slow down. It connects us to a long line of women behind us – who were knitting deep love into every stitch to keep their families warm and safe, and to the current knitters and designers all over the world.  There’s so much substance and tradition and connection and hope in knitting. There’s power and beauty and joy. Knitting can teach us how to stay the course, how to have more self-discipline, how to grow and how to face fears. Knitting is a purposeful and beautiful craft with an amazing and deep tradition. It’s healing. 

Thank you Katie for that lovely and insightful interview! Stay tuned for more news from Katie and I. We both still have some big plans together!

You can visit her etsy store and her website.