Ochiba Cowl(落葉カウル)

I am surrounded by nature: green pastures, rolling hills, lush forests and grand mountains. It would be silly if I didn't knit a few items that weren't inspired by such views. Also, I was going through my earlier designs and thought it would be best to retire them. The first to go is the Honey Comb Cowl, and it is to be (hopefully) replaced by the cowl that I am naming the "Ochiba Cowl". Ochiba is Japanese for fallen leaves.

All Images @ Roston Willis. Here you can see how the cowl falls.

This cowl uses 300 yards of worsted weight yarn in superwash wool on size 8 32" circular needles and 5 straight needles. This current version incorporates cable, slip stitch and lace patterns, with picked up stitches and an applied border (I find myself quite addicted to those types of constructions). This was also the first time I blocked a cowl, which proved to be challenging at first but I ended up finding a good method. The finished dimensions here are 7" width and 21" length (42" circumference) but the width can be easily adjusted to any size.

From top to bottom: cables, slip stitch and lace.

While this cowl can be worn in any fashion, due to the nature of the slip stitch pattern, I think it is best worn wrapped around the neck. It fits cozily and is sure to keep the neck warm. Definitely a cowl for the colder seasons. 

I have plans to reknit this cowl with a thicker body (and in a green color!) and make some minor adjustments before writing up and publishing the pattern. 

Let me know your thoughts on this cowl? In the meantime, I'll be finishing knitting up a cabled/eyelet hat...