Finished Object: Māia Tee

I wanted to give myself a challenge and step outside of my comfort zone for my next design, mostly focusing on unusual garment construction techniques. Well I certainly got it on this piece! Surprisingly though, I think the greatest challenge came not from the diagonal body but from the mesh section since I was stumped for a good long while on firstly, what pattern would go well with the diagonal stripes and then secondly, what kind of sleeves I wanted. Did I want drop sleeves or something sleeveless? And from that I had to figure out how to write the pattern so that knitters could come to the similar results. This pattern is more formulaic than a strict "knit x rows until you have y sts on your needle".

This is also my first time working with madelinetosh yarn. I used one skein of madelinetosh tosh merino light in the color ways Heartbeat and Dandelion. Such beautiful and vivid colors! They did bleed a lot when I was soaking them, but thankfully only the water turned a bright red and the yarn colors remained unaffected.

I have a call for test knitters in my Ravelry forum here.

On My Needles... Madelinetosh!

This new design I'm working on is 100% purely experimental. I'm combining several different elements and seeing how it all works out. While I've seen other designs incorporating these some of these elements, I'm wondering how the accumulation of these ideas will work together in this project (hint: it's a top. Again).

Also, I sure do hope I have enough yarn for this! I'm finally using madelinetosh yarn and this is Tosh Merino. And it is SUCH a pleasure to work with. While the yarn does pile a bit because it is 100% Merino wool and single-ply, it knits up so nicely and the stitches are devine! Very lovely yarn to work with...

Feeling Stripey...

I burned my fingers from the friction of winding up the yarn.

Finally I have caught up with finishing knitting up my secret projects (or at least getting a break before my next wave) so I can show you what's next on my needles. Or what I want to be next on my needles!

I'm very excited to be casting on using Madelinetosh's Tosh Merino Light line. 840 yards of merino fingering goodness. I was originally going to use these two colors (along with a third) to knit up a shawl but after really thinking about the shawl's concept design, I wasn't so sure. And I also have come to really love knitting garments. Looks like another top is in the works! But what to do with two colors...? 

Stripes! I have some ideas for a stripe top but right now my main "dilemma" is whether I want to add texture to the bottom portion of the top or leave it in stockinette? I've been looking around on Ravelry for inspiration help and I found myself coming across the queen of textured stripes rililie. She is not afraid to add texture into her garments as well as add a pop of colour in there. 

At the same time though, there is nothing wrong with keeping a design simple and I know the top portion of the garment will be getting either a textured or lacy pattern so the main focus will be up there. Hmmm, what to do, what to do!

Yarn Shipment: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light

I feel like it's a crime to live in Texas and not have knit with madelinetosh yarn (I am very guilty of this). Thankfully, my LYS in Austin is stocked to the roof with this yarn so I got my mother to pick up a few skeins of madelinetosh's tosh merino light for (another!) upcoming design. I'm not going to give too much away but it's a shawl that involves short rows, lace and these three colors. This is going to be a new design challenge for me, considering what I have in mind. Hopefully it all comes out well! I'll be working with this yarn near the end of the summer for an autumn release.

Colorways: Heartbeat, Dandelion, Antler. All so squishy, all so soft, all so delicious and I want to eat them.