Eyelet and Picot Shawlette

I tackled knitting a top-down crescent shawlette, beginning with a garter tab cast on, to practice using different colors and experimenting with texture. I had knit a top-down crescent shawlette previously the week before but without the garter tab cast-on and the difference between using the tab and not using it is worlds away. The tab border is neater and helps hold the shawl shape in place better. The shawlette is just long enough to wrap around the neck as a scarf and if I had a shawl broach, it could sit comfortably on the shoulders.

I used 100% wool on size 4 needles. The yarn is super scratchy (but warm) so I'll probably re-knit this yarn using better wool (maybe alpaca?) I have to practice blocking my picots better but I am really happy with how this shawlette came out.