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On My Needles... Madelinetosh!

This new design I'm working on is 100% purely experimental. I'm combining several different elements and seeing how it all works out. While I've seen other designs incorporating these some of these elements, I'm wondering how the accumulation of these ideas will work together in this project (hint: it's a top. Again).

Also, I sure do hope I have enough yarn for this! I'm finally using madelinetosh yarn and this is Tosh Merino. And it is SUCH a pleasure to work with. While the yarn does pile a bit because it is 100% Merino wool and single-ply, it knits up so nicely and the stitches are devine! Very lovely yarn to work with...

Can You Keep a Secret?

This one is to be kept under wraps!

This one is to be kept under wraps!

I've got a special collaborative design coming out this summer and I couldn't be more enthralled! However, I have to keep the details a secret but here are some details I can indulge you with...

1. It's a special design specifically for Julie Asselin's Leizu Fingering Gradient Set (but of course the pattern will be written to include those who wish to use other gradient sets!).

2. It's an accessory piece.

3. It's also a collaborative piece with a very special and talented metal-work and fiber artist.

4. Lace, lace and lace!