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Moving On... The Provisional Cast-On

This video aims to how do the Provisional Cast-On using a crochet hook and scarp yarn directly onto a needle. There are other methods on how to do this technique! This video was made as a reference for the Ono cowl, which uses this cast-on method.  

Knitting Class: Finished Projects!

This week, the ladies of Ubuyama finished up their first sets of knitting! As you remember, the first week they made a basic scarf with tassels. The next week was a seed-stitch cowl and today they finished their pom-pom slouchy beanies! Here are some pictures of their finished works; let's congratulate them!

They were all beginner knitters, so both them and I are very proud of what they achieved in a month. They have really good tension and their stitches were very nice and even.

For next week's lesson they want to make leg-warmers, which I think will be a good introduction to measuring gauge and adjusting the number of stitches for better fits.

My First Knitting Class

Last Friday I had my first knitting class! The students were a group of four older women from the village. The lesson was at the village community center, about 15 minutes away from our house. While the population of Ubuyama village is small, the actual size of the village is not!

The ladies seemed quite excited to knit projects together. Two of them had previous knitting experience, while two of them had never knit before. There was a lot of chatting, lots of "Sensei, is this correct?" and lots of tea and coffee drinking. Roston and I also received a bag of vegetables as a thank you! Yum!

For the first lesson, I taught them how to cast on, the knit stitch and how to bind off. They are going to be knitting their first scarves! The lesson will be showing them how to add the tassels to ends and learning how to knit in the round for their seed stitch cowls. Exciting!

Preparations for my First Knitting Class

I am to be teaching my first knitting class next Saturday, November 1st and I've almost got everything together. I was offered to teach a knitting class to some of the people in the village almost a month and a half ago and its now that I realize how much time I have left to get everything prepared! Working on commissions and pattern designs really make the time fly by. Here's a sneak peak of what I have in store for the village ladies of Ubuyama...

Two balls of super chunky yarn and a pair of size 11, 19" knitting needles.

Two balls of super chunky yarn and a pair of size 11, 19" knitting needles.

Everyone will be getting two balls of yarn and a circular needle. I chose to get circular needles for everyone because I find them more convenient than straight needles: you can knit both back and forth and in the round on them, thus opening up more pattern possibilities.

Garter Stitch scarf

Garter Stitch scarf

I'll first be teaching them how to knit a garter stitch scarf. It's the easiest pattern in the book. In the next lesson (hopefully), I'll be showing them how to add the tassels.

Detail shot of the stitch

Detail shot of the stitch

Additionally, I've prepared a handout that they can take home providing step by step instructions on knitting basics 101 (cast on, knit stitch and bind off - all in Japanese!). I will translate it into English soon, which brings me to my last point...

I've gotten some messages from friends saying that they've expressed interest in learning how to knit, which is really exciting to hear! The good news is that I've already been planning on making a series of "How to Knit" videos, with accompanying patterns so that you can practice those techniques and knit your own garments! Stay tuned for more details on this...