My Christmas Haul

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and happy holidays and best wishes to the rest! This is my first Christmas away from my parents but also my first with my husband, which is very exciting. What's even more exciting is that my hubby is really good at gift-giving. We went shopping for each other on the 23rd (which is a National Holiday in Japan as it is the Emperor's Birthday) with a budget of about $100. I got my husband a towel (he really needed it), two rash guards (he was needing some more as well), a set of good headphones and Lavazzaa Coffee. Here's what my husband got me...

His first batch of gifts was a tumbler and really fancy French Apple Tea. He knows how much I love tea (our kitchen counter is covered in different tea flavors) and he knew that I had been wanting a tumbler... so that the cat would stop trying to drink from my cups.

Sweets! Hazelnut Lindor Chocolates and "Instant" Mango Lassi powder. It's no secret how much I love eating chocolate and sweets, and I am absolutely addicted to mango lassi.

A pair of slippers! This was absolutely perfect... the design looks like a fair isle pattern. They are so warm and snuggly and 100% kitten-bite resistant.

Just look at this cute tote bag with a French sheep on it! I never made an indication that I wanted to needed a new bag since I had my tote bag from Amirisu (which I use everyday) but this one is more spacious and can easily hold my larger knitting projects better.

My absolute favourite and probably the one that holds the most impact. This pendent is of a koru (Maori for "loop" and is meant to mimic the spiral of ferns). The circular shape of the spiral signifies new life, growth, strength and peace. It is a very common motif in Maori symbolism. I can't believe he managed to find something like this! I love it so much. It feels nice have a small connection to my heritage.

And that's my Christmas stash! (Minus the shipment of yarn that is coming in sometimes this week!). What did you get for Christmas? What was your favourite gift? 

Commission Announcement

Just a few of the many items you can commission from me!

Just a few of the many items you can commission from me!

I just finished another commission and have several more on the way for the upcoming Christmas season. As I've been getting the majority of my commission requests from people contacting me via email or my FB page, I've decided to close my Etsy store. I have a lot more flexibility with yarn options and easier communication with the client when it's through my site or FB.

That now said, it's soon time to begin thinking about holidays gifts for your family and friends! Because of how long it takes to ship items, if you want your order to arrive before Christmas, make your order before December 13th. If timing doesn't matter, I'm open all year round!

I can obviously knit any of my patterns to order but I can also design hats, shawls, cowls, scarfs and other accessories just for you (prices will vary). If you're looking for something more simple I can knit the "basic" versions of almost anything you wish (no textures, no lace, no cables, just ribbing and stockinette stitch). Feel free to contact me with any questions you have! There is currently a waiting list but the sooner you get your order in, the better chance you have of getting it in before the winter holiday season!