Kikyou Shawl

I'm having fun getting creative and more elaborate with my shawls and I'm really happy with how this one turned out. This is meant to be a sister shawl to the Sakura Shawl that was shown recently, keeping in the theme of Japanese flowers. So this one is named the Kikyou (Bellflower) Shawl.

Photos @ Roston Willis

Can you see the bellflower motif?

This shawl was constructed the same way the Sakura shawl was: first working on the edging then knitting bottom-up on the body. The finishing touch was a picot edging at the top.

100% Wool

My biggest shawl to date

Picot bind-off, stockingette body, bottom lace edging.

This shawl took about a week to knit, most of it was spent working on the bottom edging. It was one of the more complex patterns I had ever knitted, especially the bellflower lace in the middle. Also, this was crafted using the thinnest yarn I have ever worked with, a step down from the fingering yarn that I'm used to working with! I'm glad the hard work paid off, I'm really proud of this shawl. And yes, the pre-made shawl is for sale, if you are interested.