Kyokuro Boushi 曲路帽子

Yes, I knit two projects this week. The shawlette for a commission and before that another new design that I had been working on; the Kyokuro Boushi (Winding Road hat). To get anywhere where I live, you have to take a car through long, winding roads (that are bound to get you carsick at some point).

I knit this hat twice as the first draft had a couple of problems with the crown and spacing between cables. This hat is comprised of eyelets and cable patterns. The yarn I used was the Alpaca Melange (mentioned in my yarn stash post). Super soft, super stretchy and the yarn fluff adds a nice character to the hat.

Close up of the cables and eyelets.

Top view of the crown.

Happy me!

Happy me!

I hope to have the pattern up on Raverly soon: it will be offered for free for the first month that it is up. Commissions on this hat will be $45, including shipping and materials.