[Giveaway] Six and Seven Fibers Featurette

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A "Work of Love" will be released as a single pattern next Friday so let's take a moment to shine the spotlight on Six and Sever Fibers, another one of the lovely yarn sponsors for the Giver Issue!

Rachel picked up knitting in 2011, when her now mother-in-law taught her the basics of knitting. “One of my favorite things about these fiber traditions is that we learn from others,” she states. “It's passed down from one person to the next, along with stories, and sweet time spent together. I honestly didn't like knitting at first: brow furrowed and muttering under my breath as I tried in vain to ‘get gauge,’ whatever that meant.” After a year or so, though, she took another class at a LYS and it clicked—now, her needles won't stop clicking.

As she grew in her love for quality fiber, she was also growing and learning about herself. Before hand-dyeing yarn, she taught English & ESL at a nearby high school, then worked as an advisor at a local university. She began to realize that she wanted to give her creative passion a try, a real go at making a small business work. In May of 2017, she and her husband took the leap and started Six and Seven Fiber. “We haven't looked back!” she exclaims excitedly.

When asked about what her purpose is in the fibre community, she muses, “It's something to consider why we decide to pursue a dream or give our all to achieving a goal. I suppose it's really not enough to say I just love squishing soft yarn, even if that's fairly close to the truth? I love working with my hands, doing something vital and lasting, as we all do in this fiber community. Fiber folk, I call you—us—endearingly, as I feel fiber is the bond between us all. It's warmth, comfort, but also challenge and growth. I love creating for this community because I've found "my people" here, and I'm thankful that I get to be a part of it as a dyer and fellow maker.”

She recounts a story to me: “A friend recently came over to see my work space, where my brand values hang above my desk, as a daily reminder. She commented, ‘Those seem like good values to just have as a human.’  And, other than ‘quality, reliable fiber,’ I agree with her.”

According to Rachel, Six and Seven Fiber is about lovingly prepared goods and the human element, too, not just the material. “I want each customer to have a genuine interaction, to remember that it's just me, an average, approachable person, behind the scenes,” she says.

She continues on, “I also believe that Six and Seven Fiber is about genuine, deep, earthy colors. My own inspiration often comes from the beautiful Rocky Mountains here in Colorado, but also softly-focused memories from years ago, the smell of bread baking, or the sound of a loved one's laughter. Those tender moments in life are what I pursue in my dyeing, and I'm glad, because life never slows, never stops, so nor will the inspiration.”


Want to win the "Work of Love" kit? Entering is easy. First, follow Six and Seven Fiber on Instagram. Next, leave a comment with your Rav ID below answering the question, "What inspires you to create?" Giveaway is open until January 25th, 2018 11:59pm. The winner will be announced along with the release of Work of Love next week!

Website: 6and7fiber.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/sixandsevenfiber/