Yarn Shipment: Frabjous Fibers

And the second package of yarn that I was waiting on has finally come in. Its funny timing; I just released a pattern that uses gradients and the next project I'll be working on involves another set of gradients! This is Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat mini skeins pack in the gradient color way "Shilling and Pence". I love these blues so much and they have a slight shine!

Stephanie of Frabjous Fibers contacted me after I had released my Arius Shawl pattern, asking if I could design a pattern for their yarns and of course I said yes! The moment I laid my eyes on the yarn I knew what I was going to design with it (well, what type of design): a triangular shawl. It's been a while since I've used this shawl shape and working on the Maia tee reminded me how much I've missed it! Now I've just got to think, what design do I want to work into it? I've got all next week to figure that out, since I'll be out of town for a few days for a much needed vacation...

Rayon de Soleil Shawlette

I've been busy working on Christmas commissions but today I'm going to take a quick break to share some photos and details of a new pattern I plan on releasing soon. I've finally come up with a name for it: "Rayon de Soleil" (French for Sunbeam). This shawlette is crafted with fingering weight yarn in two different colors: a bright or bold yellow and a somber and darker shade of another color (blue, gray, green), to provide a contrast in moods between the sunbeams and the earthly tones.

It's a very simple and basic design: alternating sections of stockinette stitch and eyelets on a garter stitch background, finished with a small garter stitch section, bound off with picots. This shawlette was originally a study in top-down crescent shawl shaping and construction, and I'm very happy with how it came out. I expect to be using this shawl shape some more in the future.

I really enjoy the beauty of simple stitches, as much as I love knitting intricate cables or lace patterns. My favourite designers know how to take simplicity into sophistication, with a combination of using different colors, changing the textures in the shawls as they grow and interesting shawl shapes. That's what I hope to do in the upcoming year.

I'm still working on the pattern for this shawl, but once the draft is finished, I'll be calling for test knitters!

Commission Announcement

Just a few of the many items you can commission from me!

Just a few of the many items you can commission from me!

I just finished another commission and have several more on the way for the upcoming Christmas season. As I've been getting the majority of my commission requests from people contacting me via email or my FB page, I've decided to close my Etsy store. I have a lot more flexibility with yarn options and easier communication with the client when it's through my site or FB.

That now said, it's soon time to begin thinking about holidays gifts for your family and friends! Because of how long it takes to ship items, if you want your order to arrive before Christmas, make your order before December 13th. If timing doesn't matter, I'm open all year round!

I can obviously knit any of my patterns to order but I can also design hats, shawls, cowls, scarfs and other accessories just for you (prices will vary). If you're looking for something more simple I can knit the "basic" versions of almost anything you wish (no textures, no lace, no cables, just ribbing and stockinette stitch). Feel free to contact me with any questions you have! There is currently a waiting list but the sooner you get your order in, the better chance you have of getting it in before the winter holiday season!

Ooh-La-La Shawlette

First commission from Japan complete! The lady who commissioned this shawl just came back from a vacation in Paris and wanted something nice and sophisticated to remember the "City of Light". She asked for an outside pattern for this, properly named the "Ooh-La-La Shawlette". 

I used fingering 100% Merino wool for its softness and warmness. 

Completion time from cast on to blocking: four days

Can you see the Eiffel Towers?

This will be shipping out tomorrow. One commission completed... and another takes its place!

New Yarn Shipment

Getting yarn in the mail is one of the most exciting things ever. This yarn is going to be used on a commissioned piece, the Ooh-La-La Shawlette.

100% Lace Merino Wool. Colour is Grage #9.

100% Lace Merino Wool. Colour is Grage #9.


I've been putting off writing up this blog post because I'm in the process of moving but because of multiple inquiries I've received I thought I ought to address it. 

Once I've settled in my new home in Japan, I will be able to begin commission projects. I will be taking commissions three at a time (even if all spots are taken, you can still email me about getting on the list when a spot opens up!). I can knit things from my portfolio page and additionally, depending on the difficulty and amount of time, I can tackle any outside patterns that have caught your eye. Payments* will be accepted via Paypal. 

Note that I will not use any acrylic or man-made yarn (unless you are allergic to animal-yarn!). While taking care for animal yarns requires a little more time and effort than man-made yarn, the quality and texture of animal fibers always comes out on top. I'll be including information on how to take care of animal-made yarns.

I'll be putting up a .pdf form with the pricing of my products and other information within the next couple of weeks once I've gotten the base costs calculated. But to give you an idea, a shawl such as the Seashell Shawl may be around $90; a beanie may be about $33. Quotes for outside patterns will be provided via email.

*Payment is broken down as such: yarn, pattern (for outside patterns), labor and shipping (different shippings options will be available). My patterns will have a set price as I know how long it would take to finish. I will be providing quotes for outside patterns.