Featurette: Skudderia Fineyarns

Today I have a special interview to share with you all: Maike with Skudderia Yarns! This yarn was used in my design, the Paikea Shawl, last year. Take a moment to read about this vibrant and colorful yarn brand!

The Paikea Shawl

The Paikea Shawl

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Website: https://skudderia.de

Instagram: @skudderia_fineyarns

1. How did you get into the Fibre Arts?


I own 5 little sheep from a rare sheep breed called "Skudde". That is what my brandname is from ;-) I spin the fleece eof them and started to dye it. That was so much fun, I dyed more and more. Then I tried other yarnbases and can´t stop to play with all the colours. In my job as a hairdresser the most fun part was choosing the right colours for my customers, so I learned all about it at my job. I started with handdying in my small kitchen at my salon, but after some time it gets bigger and bigger, so that at the end there was only a small space for my hairdressing customers, the most space at my salon was filled with yarn ;-) In summer 2018 I decided to change that and closed my hairdresser salon and now I am a fulltime yarndyer.

2. Why do you create for the Fibre world? (What's your mission?)

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I love colours and playing around with all the different shades of handdyed yarns. The most fun part is helping others to pick the right colour and yarn for their projects. When I am on yarnfestivals, at my booth I have a "yarnwall" with about 50 to 70 different colours.

3. What makes your brand/work special?

I think, it is really all about colour. I also have some special yarnblends like Lama. And most of my yarns are natural fiber blends like Merino/Silk/Ramie or Merino/cotton/bamboo.


I will be giving away TWO sets of the Paikea Shawl (pattern + yarn). Entering this giveaway is simple!

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Winners will be contacted November 1st!