[Giveaway] Harnie Hoolies Featurette

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"Sophyrosyne", a top-down shawl, will be available as a single pattern on Ravelry at the end of the month! So this week we are shining a spotlight on the Harnie Hoolies yarn used to create this beautiful shawl.

Julie got into the fibre arts out of a desire to do something creative, “…that quickly grew into a desire to be more involved in the process. I wanted to learn more about what I was doing, and how it all comes together. For Paul, it was creative curiosity about dyeing fibre, different techniques, how different fibres affect the final outcome, how different dyes work, etc.”

The two knew early on that they wanted to work with new and interesting fibre combinations and go crazy with color. “We're very much free spirits when it comes to dyeing, and are always playing around with color and technique. We rarely have a plan when we enter the dye room; we prefer to keep the process fluid and inspiration take us where it will. This has led to a wide variety of color combinations and techniques, which is great because it means there is basically something for everyone!”


Paul and Julie love watching their customers find the perfect skein of yarn. “We love it when someone hangs around, squishing and playing with different skeins. You can always tell when they’ve found ‘the one’ and that’s really rewarding, knowing you made something that someone else loves. And for the times when they don’t find quite the right thing, then we ask questions and take it as a learning opportunity to expand upon and work with in a future creative session.”

Harnie Hoolie’s is loved by many for the quality and type of fibre that’s used, but for Paul and Julie, they feel it comes from how the two of them work together, and how their different creative visions complement one another’s. “We each have quite a different approach to the creative process, using different techniques and thought processes. We each see and use color differently (literally, Paul is colorblind in shades of green), so at the end of the day we each produce quite different finished products. People see Paul at markets and festivals, and assume he’s just the muscle, but they couldn’t be more wrong. He’s just as creative as I am and without him our brand wouldn’t be what it is today. We’re very much a team when it comes to our fibre adventures.”


Website: www.harniehooliesdesigns.com 
Email: julie@harniehooliesdesigns.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HarnieHooliesDesigns


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