Your Questions About Swatch Studio, Answered by Swatch Students!

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With the doors to SWATCH Studio now open, I wanted to address any questions or worries you may have about the course. Is it really for you? Can you take the plunge? Is it worth it? And instead of me answering these questions, I decided to ask my SWATCH Students for their experience with the program.

1. Will I have the time for it? I already work a busy schedule

“I thought the video's and the format of the 'books' was excellent. It meant I could take my time and work at my own pace. It's also great to be able to log back in anytime and refresh on particular areas.” - Jen Arrowsmith

I work almost full time so I have very little time anyway. [...] Late August was my very first designer anniversary. Looking back at what I did in a year was kind of amazing. Seeing how much distance I had covered from the very first tentative steps until now, I'm really happy with the way it went. And I have a lot of ideas for future designs so I'll just go ahead! There will always be some moments of doubts and possibly struggle but that should not stop me as a designer. I feel I can do this.” Skeinwalker

I love my independence so being able to learn at my own pace was a huge plus for me, AND I also was impressed with her Live streams for Q and A to help us during the course plus AFTERWARDS. That's really very awesome.” - Katalin Beth

2. $247 is quite a bit... Will the investment be worth it?

“At first, I was worried about the cost of the course - that I might have put in a bit too much money for something that wouldn't lead anywhere. Of course, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of the course and would have spent five times the amount now that I know. The depth of the training and the fact that every single step was covered in complete detail - absolutely nothing was missing from the process of releasing a knitting pattern.” - Jess La Blache

“I was nervous that I would invest money in a course and never sell enough patterns to cover the costs. (My first pattern covered the costs )” - Petra Machova Kourilova

She's always adding new content that comes with your original fee to join - there is no smarmy selling as you finish a section. Just straight up commitment from Frenchie helping me when I have a question/problem.” - Rheba Smith

3. I really want to design, but I still don’t think I’m creative enough

“I didn't think I was creative enough to be a knitwear designer but I had a urge to try it. [...] During my first IKD, I proved to myself that I was, in fact, creative enough to be a designer so I decided to take the plunge! [...] I'm really pushing to hit my goal of publishing 10 designs this year. I was most nervous about actually publishing a design in real life but now I've got 6 done so far, 1 in the test knit stage, and 2 more planned out.” - Christy Furlan

“I had a fear that I couldn't create anything good. I signed up for SWATCH Studio because I loved initiate knit design challenge and your live videos on fb. I was nervous about publishing my first pattern: I thought that people wouldn't buy my pattern or would find a lot of mistakes, or wouldn't like it. I discovered that I can create something even if I have no ideas.” -Klara

“I was really struggling with being a “one-trick pony”. I had been designing knit/felted items for several years and felt safe there, but knew I could do more. I just didn’t. I now realize that I have much more to offer the design world. I can offer my unique view of design to a larger audience, felted or not. There is room enough for all designers to make their mark, including me!” - Paula King

4. Is SWATCH Studio really that good? Is Frenchie qualified to teach this?

She is infinitely qualified to help you make it through the minefield of self doubt and criticism, because she has already created a path through the minefield for you [...]. She is eternally your cheerleader and makes you feel as though you could do anything you set your mind to accomplish.” - Paula King

“What I love about working with Frenchie is that she is available to help you out along the way. It's not like: you buy the course and she disappears. No, she is really here to help. Frenchie has a non-nonsense approach that I really like. She helps, gives tips the best she can and provides insights about the way she does things design- or business-wise. I think that "sharing" is a keyword here. Frenchie shares all of her knowledge with us and I feel that all this behind-the-scenes information helps me making better choices design- or business-wise. That's invaluable.” - Skeinwalker

Frenchie’s ability to explain things and break them down into clear, actionable steps is amazing. It does wonders for alleviating the overwhelm of being a new designer. Her generosity and enthusiasm are awesome! She gives to her tribe without reservation; it's what I most want to model my own budding community after.” - Karen Mofett

5. Why did other students decide to join the program?

“Before enrolling into SWATCH Studio, I was struggling with my confidence to work on multiple designs. So I decided to join SWATCH Studio to grow my knowledge of actually producing a professional pattern and for the community of like minded designers.” - Babs Rudlin

“At the beginning, I didn't know anything at all about the process of knitwear design - I sort of thought that all knitwear designers were professionals with qualifications and didn't really think about the idea that normal people could design and release knitting patterns! Then I completed the Initiate Knit Design course and discovered that it was my passion. I wanted to learn everything I could about creating knitwear patterns so that I could try and make a career out of doing something I really love - knitting!” - Jess Lablache

“I wanted to know more after twice having participated in the Initiate Knit Design. I was struggling with how to write the knitting pattern. I'm still working on finding my style so I continue to use all the informations from the SWATCH Studio. It has become my 'How to' guide/reference.” - Vibeke

I decided to sign up for Swatch Studio because although I'd been designing on my own, I felt overwhelmed by it all. I love knitting and often designed my own garments, but had patchy knowledge on how to make the leap from that, to a polished and professional outcome. [...] This course was integral in realizing my goals and I thoroughly recommend it- learning from Frenchie who's a generous person and committed, dedicated knitwear designer was like having a mentor on hand.” - Katalin Beth

You can read the full stories from these students and many others here!

And when you're ready to take the dive into knitwear design and begin the journey of transforming your yarn into designs of your own creation, enroll today! I'm super excited to work alongside you this semester! Seats are limited.