Holly and Ivy Dyeworks Featurette

Holly and Ivy Dyeworks


Holly and Ivy Dyeworks is helmed by two Fibre Muses: Katrina and Eve!


Katrina was taught how to crochet by her grandmother, when she was only seven years old, “My mother taught me to cross-stitch, and they both helped me learn to sew/quilt. When I was in college, I met Eve and she inspired me to finally teach myself how to knit (something I had wanted to do for quite a long time). So I suppose I could say that I got into the Fibre Arts because my family and friends shared their love and knowledge of it.” 

For Katrina, creating is a natural outpouring of herself, “Like Eve said, I almost can't help it! I have a need to express experience and emotion—and a desire to bring people happiness, specifically, when they see my work. It brings me great joy to see someone pick up my yarn, squeeze it, and smile. At the same time, being a part of the process of creating for someone else is incredibly fulfilling!”

The story behind Holly and Ivy Dye Works is a unique one, “Eve and I take on the dyeing process differently, but both of us share through our yarns. It is fun to talk with my customers about the specific stories behind my yarns.”

Katrina shares an example of a conversation that happened at a recent vending event she worked, “There was a woman who picked up my Writer's Block colorway multiple times. She finally told me that she loved it, but she was a writer and felt that she probably shouldn't purchase it because of the name. 

I was so glad she told me because I was able to share the story behind that colorway: “I was having a creative block while preparing for a Fibre event, and my blue dyes got mixed up. The colorway I thought I was dyeing turned into a different color altogether. When I realized it was messed up, I embraced it and added speckles. There it was! And I was inspired to go on and create two more new colorways afterwards! She then decided that she had to have it for the next time she got Writer's Block, in order to help her come out of it.”


The Wifty Top - Designed by Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits using Holly and Ivy Dyeworks yarn. 

The Wifty Top - Designed by Francoise Danoy of Aroha Knits using Holly and Ivy Dyeworks yarn. 

Eve has been interested in the Fibre Arts for as long as she can remember, “When I was four, my grandmother taught me how to crochet and my mother showed me how to hand sew. I was always making/creating things, and I was especially drawn to all things fiber related. I began knitting when I was eighteen, and got a job at a knitting shop. I fell in love with the yarn world. At the John C. Campbell Folk School, I took classes in dyeing, spinning, and weaving, which intensified my love of the Fibre Arts. Katrina, my business partner, and I met at college and discovered that we both had a passion for knitting and yarn. Years later we started Holly and Ivy Dyeworks, because of that shared love of color and fiber.” Her creativity for the fibre world is a God-given drive, “I can't help but create, it truly is something I have little control over. There is something intoxicating and so alluring about the Fibre world. The way it combines beauty, color, texture, practicality, and style never ceases to take my breath away. And the craft itself, not just the finished item, is a wonder. Yarn and knitting bring me both peace and passion. I needed to be a part of that world. I love inspiring people to push themselves to create a beautiful craft. That is why I don't just make finished items, I want to be a part of someone else's creative story/process.” 

Holly and Ivy Dyeworks is built upon friendship and a shared passion. “Although Katrina and I have separate yarn lines in the business (hers being Ivy and mine being Holly), and are inspired by different things, we feed off of each other's drive and love of color and fibre. I tell the stories of my life through my colorways: Gatlinburg October, Mississippi Storm, Stratford Hillside, etc. I dye the colors into my yarn that flit across my mind when I think of my past and the places I've been. Our yarns are created from both a place of artistic inspiration and from personal storytelling.“


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