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Sheila got her start in the world of fiber arts out of a desire to dye. “I learned to knit about seven years ago, from my oldest daughter. I kind of dabbled for a few years and then my husband went on an extended business trip. I had just had baby #8 (he was about 3 weeks old) and I realized fairly quickly that knitting was a balm to my spirit! I was an IG newbie, but quickly fell down the fiber community rabbit hole :)”

From there, the whole world of indie dyers was suddenly opened up to Sheila, and she fell in love. “The first seed of desire to dye was planted when I was constantly missing my favorite indie dyers’ updates. And then, last year, I joined in on the KnitStars 1.0 online knitting summit that my LYS owner Shelley Brander of Loops put together. There were lots of awesome teachers: Stephen West, Hannah Fettig, Julie Weisenberger, Meghan Fernandes, Romi Hill, Amy Small, Taiu Landra, and finally Julie and Jean-Francois Asselin. It was Julie and Jean-Francois that inspired me to take the plunge and start dyeing.”

Sheila creates for the fiber world as an outlet for her creativity. “I love knitting, but I am horridly slow. I can dye 10 beautiful skeins in a leisurely afternoon—talk about instant gratification!”

BigFootFibers, Sheila’s hand-dyed yarn company, is a brand that draws its strength from blending opposites together. “We are romantic explorers, wading adventurously into the land of color and technique that are at present unknown to us. It is also my desire to educate about the qualities of particular fiber types and blends. For example, why you would want non-superwash wool for one project, or alpaca for another, and yet the perfect blend for that summer weight sweater might be linen or hemp or sea cell.”

Website: bigfootfibers.com
Email: bigfootfibers@gmail.com
Instagram: instagram.com/bigfootfibers


Caim, the Pi-Shawl design, will be released as a single pattern on Ravelry next Friday. We are giving away a kit leading up to the release: the yarn + pattern. To enter, the rules are simple:

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  • Leave a comment on our PATREON post answering the question: what's your favorite unusual blend of fibers? 
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