[Giveaway] Knitcraft and Knittery Featurette

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"Little Acts of Kindness", a side-to-side triangular shawlette, drops next Friday as a single pattern on Ravelry! So this week we are shining a spotlight on Morgan's "Knitcraft and Knittery".

Morgan first got into the Fibre Arts when she was in high school. “We had a huge snowstorm and got a day off school, and my sister, my mom, and I went to my neighbor’s house and she spent the day teaching us how to knit. I was really terrible at it, and chose the most offensive bright yellow acrylic yarn that is now fondly referred to as ‘the yellow monstrosity.’ I picked up my needles again about 4 years later, before coming to Australia, and I've been furiously knitting, and diving further into the Fibre Arts world ever since.”

Her mission for the Fibre World is to offer high quality, ethical, and sustainably-sourced wool for conscientious crafters. As knitters get more invested in Fibre Arts, many people (herself included) want to know more about where their fibre comes from, and how the animals/land that produced it are treated. “As an indie dyer,” she begins, “I place an emphasis on sourcing non-superwash and, of course, delightfully soft Australian merino wool from farms committed to sustainable farming practices and animal welfare.”

Her brand of wool focuses on gender neutral colorways, mostly in semi-solid and earthy tones, and always on sustainable and ethical wool bases. They are inspired by Morgan’s intense and all-consuming love for Lord of the Rings. “I actually started this business less than two months after returning from a holiday to New Zealand!” She chimes, “Additionally, each skein contains a little piece of myself through the names of my colors. I currently live in Tasmania, over 15,000 kms away from my family, so I name each color for something small and special from my home.”

Website: knitcraftandknittery.com/

Email: info@knitcraftandknittery.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/knitcraftandknittery/



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