Step Outside your Comfort Zone: Knit the Thing that Scares You

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Almost every knitter I know has a “pedestal project,” something that they have been dreaming of making, but they’ve put it off for “some day,” when they have the time/more experience/better skills to make it. For some, it’s a large project like a sweater or even a wedding dress. For others, the pedestal project is more about a particular technique, like double knitting or steeking.

What’s YOUR pedestal project? What’s the item you’ve been wanting to make practically since you learned how to knit, but so far you’ve been afraid to start it for some reason or another?

Sometimes following our own creativity is easy - we get to express ourselves through familiar techniques and comfort-zone projects. Other times, our creativity calls us down a path that’s a little bit scary: learning something new, working on a project that requires endurance or skill, or setting ourselves up to be in a situation where we might fail.

If you only ever follow your creativity to those easy places, eventually it might just leave you behind.

Your creative muse doesn’t want to stay in the comfort zone all the time - sometimes, she wants to stretch her wings and fly a little higher. Are you ready to follow her?

This year, my wish for you is that you feel empowered and confident to follow your creativity wherever it leads.

Maybe that means…

  • Trying a new technique that has seemed too difficult so far.

  • Taking on a project that’s bigger than anything you’ve made before.

  • Finally making that “pedestal project” item that your creative muse has been begging for.

Though it may seem scary, you are not alone! The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it can connect you with knitters all over the world who have already tackled your pedestal project, or something similar. They can help you with Facebook groups, notes in Ravelry projects, forum posts and online chats. You can find the resources you need through classes, books, tutorials, and blog posts.

You can do this. And I’m here to help.

This concept of “pedestal projects” has got to go - we’ve got to feel empowered as knitters to create the things that scare us. The Dreamer Fibre Muse knows this - she knows that her knitting is a primary form of self-expression, and she doesn’t hold herself back just because she needs to learn something new or try something challenging.

That’s why I created the Dreamer Challenge: to inspire the Dreamer muse living inside of YOU, and to support you while you tackle your pedestal projects, one stitch at a time. Sign up below to get free challenge prompts, inspiration, and the support of a community of knitters determined to take the fear out of this hobby and follow their creativity wherever it leads.

Are you up for the challenge? I know you are - I’ll see you inside.