[GIVEAWAY] A Return to the Land with Blind Buck Farm

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The pattern "You are Knitworthy" drops as a single pattern on Ravelry next week, so let's shine the spotlight on the yarn that made this pattern possible! Introducing one of the Yarn Sponsors of the Giver Issue, Blind Buck Farm!

Backside of "You are Knitworthy"

Backside of "You are Knitworthy"

It has been a lifelong dream of Erica’s to “return to the land.” Raised in New York City, she traveled the world with her father who was a diplomat, with some agricultural background from numerous visits, throughout her life, to her grandfather’s farm in Egypt—visits that are now a vivid part of her childhood and adult memories.

This lead her to creating Blind Buck Farm. Located in Salem, NY, it is composed of 3 properties totaling 24 acres. Erica is proud to say that the farm has been able to contribute to the preservation of a rare and endangered species of sheep.

She excitedly continues, “I find farm life a lot of fun, too. Seeing a newborn being gently nudged by its mother to take its first wobbly steps, visiting the chicken coop to collect fresh eggs, and seeing the vegetable garden grow every day. Dyeing my own yarn also indulges my love of color.”

“I feel that it is unfortunate, even sad, that such experiences have become rare pleasures”, she reflects. “If I can make my own small contribution to bringing traditional knowledge full circle, by connecting people with natural fiber, plants, and animals, I will consider myself blessed indeed.”


When asked about what makes Blind Buck Farm so special, Erica replied, “the constant search for unique blends, using only natural and local fibers. Each shearing gives us the opportunity to create new blends, in addition to experiencing how different fibers and fiber blends take colors. Choosing colorways is the fun part.”

The second aspect, she explains, is explaining the value of natural fibers, which she finds herself most passionate about. “The consumer does not realize that natural fibers are fire retardant, whereas Superwash is not,” she explains. “Many consumers claim they have allergies to wool; often this is due to the processing of the yarn with chemicals, or the dyes which are used. I use a non-toxic, heavy metal-free dye.”

Website: blindbuckfarm.com/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/blindbuckfarm/


To win the kit for this design (pattern + yarn), just follow the entry rules below! (Apologizes last time for Rafflecopter acting up, we'll keep it simple this time round). Giveaway lasts until January 11th, 2018 11:59pm CST. Winner will be announced here on the 12th.

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