Express Yourself through Color

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“Pink is my signature color.”

  • Shelby, Steel Magnolias

Do you have a signature color? Do you feel that the colors you wear are an expression of your inner self, or do you just grab something out of the closet and go?

Choosing your yarn colors with intention is an excellent way to express yourself through your knitting; and, in turn, to express yourself when you wear those garments and accessories.

Did you know that there is actually a phenomenon known as synesthesia, and that the people who experience this phenomenon often associate colors with personalities or feelings?

You don’t need synesthesia in order to do this for yourself! You can use your own perceptions of colors as a way to guide your yarn choices.

Think about…

  • How you want to feel, in general, this year.

  • Moments when you could use more of a particular emotion (confidence, joy, serenity, etc.).

  • Which aspect of yourself needs a little more attention or nurturing this year?

  • What are your goals for your life this year?

Now - choose a color (or a few) to go with each of the emotions and parts of yourself that you listed in that last step.

When you’re planning out your knitting projects for the year, remember these feelings and colors, and choose projects that will bring the two together.

If you’d like some help, download the attached PDF document to guide you through this planning process!

Remember - you deserve to feel how you want to feel, every day. Your true self deserves to be expressed!

Here’s to a colorful year.