Response to Vanity Fair's "Take up knitting"

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As it tends to do from time to time, the Twittersphere exploded last month when Vanity Fair magazine tweeted a video in which 6 of its staffers offered their ideas for New Year’s resolutions they thought Hillary Clinton should make. Each resolution was more insulting than the last, with the overall idea being that she should stay out of politics from here on out, no matter what.

One of the “resolutions” they proposed? That she should take up knitting. While some of us might get excited at the prospect of adding Hillary Clinton to our ranks, the actual comment was hugely insulting to the former Secretary of State AND knitters everywhere. The Vanity Fair staffer advised Clinton to, “take up a new hobby in the New Year: Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy – literally anything that will keep you from running again.”

Pardon me?

Oh, I get it - so she should sit at home on her couch and knit tea cosies, because apparently the folks at Vanity Fair don’t want her doing anything important with her life anymore.

Knitters, are we just going to take that?

Of course not! Knitting is more than just something women do to be quiet and shut up - in fact, it can be exactly the opposite! Knitting is what allows us to come together and knit bright pink hats to express our solidarity with women everywhere. Knitting is what gives us a medium for welcoming refugees into a new home. Knitting is what gives voice to our desire to comfort a friend who has experienced a loss.

Little do those Vanity Fair staffers understand, if Hillary Clinton takes up knitting she will be equally empowered with one more way to create change in the world, and to continue to fight those battles that are far from over.

When I created the Fibre Muses, perhaps I should have made a fifth one: The Warrior?

The thing is, we don’t need a fifth muse; there’s a Warrior in each of us. If you get angry when someone tells you knitting is just for little old ladies and women who need to get off the stage, take up your knitting. Use it to make a difference in someone’s life. Use it to make a statement. Fight back, and knit on.

I’ll be right there with you.