The Giver Kal Begins Today! Are you in?

CollaborationOver Competition (37).png

Our never-ending Knit-Along begins today; are you in?

I’m so excited for this knit-along! Though it is never-ending, we’ve got some really fantastic prizes lined up for the first 8 weeks, starting today. During this time we’ll be focusing on intentional creation for transformational impact, including daily prompts to inspire your creativity!

Just take a look at these amazing prizes:

Not to mention the giveaways that I'll be running on the Aroha Knits blog over the upcoming weeks!

This knit-along is a great way to stay motivated with the support of our community, whether you want to zoom through some quick gift knits or take some time for yourself this busy season.

If you need some more inspiration, the Giver issue of the Fibre Muse Quarterly has everything you need: articles, featurettes, patterns, and more!