The joyful act of knitting for others

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Last week I spent some time promoting the idea of knitting as self-care, and I stand by that: you deserve to knit for yourself! But I also know that many of my beloved Fibre Muses are Givers, and that means you feel inspired by knitting for others - Givers, this one’s for you.

There’s something magical that happens when you take two sticks and some string, and turn it into a gift for someone else. The project you make doesn’t have to be large or complicated in order to make a big impact on the recipient! Even simple gifts, made with love, are a way to spread joy in the world.

And right now, I think we can all agree, the world can use a little more joy, right?

Here are some ideas to inspire the Giver in all of us, to create simple gifts that make a difference for someone we love:

Winter Warmth

A basic hat or pair of mittens is a simple project that does something very important: it keeps your loved ones warm through the cold winter months! I love to knit hats and mittens for my family and friends because I know that when they wear those items, they will feel the warmth of my love for them as they feel the warmth of the wool keeping winter’s winds at bay.

Sweet Sentiments

A quick gift to make is a mug cozy - pair it with a holiday-themed mug and a package of tea or cocoa for a special gift that spreads a little sweetness in someone’s life. You know what they say: warm hands, warm heart!

A Knitted Hug

Anything that goes around the neck - a scarf, shawl, cowl or cape - feels like putting on a knitted hug every time you wear it. If there’s someone in your life you wish you could hug more often, why not give them a knitted neck-warmer to show you care?

As we get closer to the holiday season and the world around us starts to go crazy with marketing messages, I hope that you’ll remember the joy of creating simple gifts by hand, and spread some of that joy around.

Don’t forget to tag your projects on social media with #spreadingaroha and #fibremuse so I can share in your joy!

Want to take it a step further?

November 20-24 I’m hosting a FREE 5-day MKAL and photo challenge to inspire the Givers in all of us. Together, we’ll share photos and dig deep into the Giver Fibre Muse archetype, all while knitting a quick and fun project for a knit-worthy recipient. I hope to see you in the challenge community, Givers! Click here to sign up.

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