Knitting as a Form of Self-Care

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Taking the time to knit, even when it seems like there isn’t any left

It’s springtime, and for some reason, it seems to be a time of the year when we as a human race decide to compete with one another to see who can be the busiest. Whether you’re getting ready to wrap up a quarter at work, or you’ve got school-related obligations for yourself or your children, or you just feel the pull of spring cleaning and gardening -- it’s a time of craziness and chaos for so many of us.

This is the time when we often put aside our knitting. It’s the first thing to go when the calendar starts to fill, because there just isn’t time for everything. Might as well cut out the “frivolous” hobby of knitting in order to cram in a few more appointments and engagements, right?

Except, then we start to feel differently. Depleted. Deflated. We start to cut corners in other places, too, like eating healthy (who has time to chop all those vegetables?) and exercising (no time for a run, we’re too busy running around!), and nurturing relationships (we can’t find time on ONE calendar, let alone two, to get together).

If you’ve already started to feel the weight of all the hustling and bustling, I’m here to give you a big dose of permission: to pare down. To back off. To say NO.

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To say, “enough is enough!” To take the time to do something that feels selfish, because you know what? You deserve it! You can’t take care of all these other people in your life if you run yourself ragged in the process. You can’t be your best self if you haven’t taken the time to nurture your spirit. You can’t be creative if you haven’t recharged your batteries.

I know you, knitters of the world. I know that you care deeply about other people, and the world around you. I know you’re working hard to transform that world, and to be your best self. Which is why I also know, without a doubt, that you deserve some peace.

I encourage you to take the time for your knitting, now more than ever. Maybe it isn’t convenient, or easy, but it’s so very necessary. Knitting is a way of giving yourself the time to relax, to do something creative, to think through your problems and release them, stitch by stitch. When life starts to fill up your To Do list, take a step back. Add a line for self-care. Give yourself some time, before you give it all away.

You deserve this. You are worth it. You have permission.

What will you knit next?

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