You are more than "Just" a Knitter


Knit one, purl two, spread love.

Knit three, yarn over, brighten someone’s day.

Purl four, knit a community together.

Sometimes I think, when I write these posts, that I’m preaching to the choir. You’re reading this because you already get it - you understand that yarn has the power to transform. That’s why you’re part of my Fibre Muse community in the first place.

You understand the magic that happens when you start with a ball of yarn and two sticks, and you wind up with a beautiful new accessory.

You understand the alchemy that goes into writing a few symbols and charts, to wind up with a design of your own creation.

You understand the power that your favorite color has to brighten your day, whether it’s peeking up at you from inside your project bag or wrapping you in your favorite scarf.

That’s why I do what I do - because I love to serve the Fibre Muses who work their magic in yarn, who transform themselves and the world around them in every stitch.

Together, we can imagine a world where everyone is warm. Where everyone feels loved. Where everyone has what they need.

Together, we can embrace The Giver. We can feed and nurture her with inspiration so that she, in turn, will continue to push us to be the change we wish to see. Although I myself am a Mystic, I’m grateful for my Giver side, because she reminds me that I can use my knitting to make another person’s life a little bit better. She tells me that this is enough and that it is worthy of my time and energy.

She reminds me that I am not “just” a knitter: I am a warrior, ready to change the world, one stitch at a time.

Have you fed YOUR Giver side lately? If you can hear her calling to you, click here to join our community and get your copy of The Giver issue, which will fill you and your inner Giver with all the inspiration you need.

Here’s to a vision for something more,