Knit On With Confidence and Purpose

Knit on, with confidence and hope, through all crises.
— Elizabeth Zimmerman

I believe in the power of knitting. I believe that knitting is MORE than just a hobby, more than just a pastime, more than just a skill. Knitting can be the catalyst for transformation, both inner and outer. Knitting can be the way we stitch our world back together.

So when the world around you feels like it is growing darker, colder, less colorful, I say: Knit on.

When people forget their humanity and turn against their neighbors, retreat to their corners, and point their fingers, I say: Knit on.

When struggle, starvation, strife seem greater than freedom, fulfillment and friendship, I say: Knit on.

Knit on with confidence and with purpose.

Not to hide from the world--knitting by yourself in a safe, cozy corner--but to give something greater to it...

And to you.

Hope. And healing.

You know it’s possible. At on time or another, we have all taken up our knitting in a time of crisis to make things better for someone we love, or for a complete stranger.

That’s because inside all of us lives a Giver - the Fibre Muse who knows the transformational, healing power of knitting. She urges us to craft hand-knit hugs for those in need, to use our yarn to make a statement, to transform the world around us.

And it's time to honor her essence.

Join your fellow Fibre Muses in our Giver-inspired Never-Ending Knit-Along; you’ll need a copy of The Giver Fibre Muse Quarterly, your favorite yarn, and the confidence to change.

There’s a whole community of Fibre Muses waiting for you inside the KAL; I can’t wait to see you inside. Click here to join us.

Yours in confidence through change