Are you Ready to Inspire your inner Giver?


In my last post, I urged you to join us in the Giver-inspired Knit-Along, so we can work together to transform our world and bring the change we wish to see.

But you know what? You really don’t need to do that. If you decide not to embrace your inner Giver, take up your yarn and needles and actively work toward transformation inside our community of Fibre Muses, the world will keep turning.

Sure, things will stay exactly as they are, but change is uncomfortable, am I right? It’s so much easier to just keep doing what we’ve been doing, than it is to start something new. Something different. Something scary.

You can tune out the negativity around you, and keep on knitting on whatever project you choose. If that’s what you need in your life right now, then go ahead and delete this email; I wish you joy in every stitch.


If you’re thinking, “Wait a minute. Maybe I could be doing something more. Maybe I want something more…”

Then join me, won’t you?

I believe that little and small actions can snowball into significant change. So join me in this movement of making an impact through our knitting.

It all starts with the latest issue of The Fibre Muse Quarterly, which was designed for The Giver Fibre Muse. The Giver knows the power of yarn; she understands that her craft can create change in the world around her.

She knits a shawl to represent a hand-knit hug for a friend going through tragedy.

She knits sweaters for the tiniest newborns who need all the extra warmth they can get.

She knits hats for the homeless, to provide protection against the deadly chill of winter.

She knits to transform her world but also to transform herself; she knows that with every project she gives to someone else, she gives herself the gift of self-care, of self-improvement.

Are you ready to inspire YOUR inner Giver? Click here to get started with the Fibre Muse Quarterly, and join our community for weekly prompts, inspiration, support, and transformation.