Why Not Me? I Also Can Do It

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Chances are that you are actually MUCH more creative and capable of designing more beautiful, visionary designs than I ever could. I do not say that to downplay myself, because I know that my designs are well-known and enjoyed by many, but the fibre community is FILLED with creatives who have yet to unlock their potential and discover their true calling in life.

Why am I telling you this? I will get to the point soon, but first a story about myself.

I had been trying to get into a certain magazine for YEARS. EVery time they release their call for submissions, I pounce on it immediately. Getting into a magazine is hard, yes, because when you think about it, the acceptance rate is around 5-10%.

So, after the 6th attempt, I stopped submitting and started focusing on expanding my brand in other ways.

Then comes in Natalie. Natalie joined Swatch Studio two semesters ago —going through the course a little at a time, going at her own pace (that is one of the biggest pluses of the course, you can go as fast or as slow as you like!).

When I asked my students for examples of their work, she was unable to provide any links as she had yet to publish a pattern.

But for good reason. Her first ever pattern also happened to be her first ever design submission, which she was now hard at work on.

There is a huge misconception that only established designers with lots of self-published patterns will ever be selected to be in magazines and absolute beginners had no chance at all. Natalie showed that this is certainly not the case.

How did SWATCH Studio help her take that leap forward? In her own words,

"I'm the person, for whom it's easier to find 10 reasons why something will not work, rather one reason why it will. But your course helped me to finally get this feeling ‘why not me?! I also can do it' ”.

Why not me? I also can do it. That’s one of the most powerful things that I’ve ever read. And she certainly did it. She didn't see her lack of design experience as an immediate rejection to magazines, because she was able to discover through SWATCH Studio that her creativity and magic for knitwear design, that she could bring something unique to the table, which was more than enough to get that "Yes" she was searching for.

Chances are, again, you are much more capable and creative than I am. Much like Natalie, you have a creative vision inside you, which is powerful and magical.

Why not you? You also can do it.

I can attest that the most valuable aspect of SWATCH Studio… is making you feel as Natalie did. I've been hesitant to say this out-loud for fear of seeming egotistical, but... I'm extremely proud to say that after almost two years since the first enrollment of SWATCH Studio, I have seen it literally change lives. From helping people find out their true calling in life, to pushing people outside of their comfort zones in order to make their dreams a reality, this program has truly impacted people (which, for someone like me who strives to create something meaningful, I cry every time one of my students reaches their goal or achieves something great because of my work).

You can read more stories like Natalie's from other designers who were in her same shoes here.

In SWATCH Studio, you do not only learn how to create, design, write, and publish patterns. You also find the confidence you need to step outside of your comfort zone, and make magic happen for you and your knitwear design brand.

Enrollment into SWATCH Studio will be limited to 50 students this semester, going on a first come, first serve basis. Enroll today to secure your spot before they fill up! 36 spots remain.


P.S. Natalie's design was finally published in the Fall issue of Amirisu magazine! Check out her stunning work here!