Ignite your inner muse: making time and space to be creative

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There’s a common misconception in the world that some people are born creative, while other people don’t have a creative bone in their bodies. When we scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and see amazingly creative projects from other Makers, we might think things like:

"That’s so creative! I could never come up with something like that."

"I wish I would have thought of that! That person is so much more creative than I am."

"I wish I could make projects like that, who has that kind of time?"

The thing about creativity is, it’s not some mystical gift bestowed upon only a lucky few people. It’s a skill that anyone can learn and develop in themselves - including you! It takes time and practice, but if you truly feel called to create, then it’s important to make that time and devote yourself to the practice of creativity.

My mission is to help you ignite the muse inside of you - to dig deep and find the inspiration for designs that only you can bring to the world that is so in need of more beauty and authenticity. If you sometimes feel like everyone in the world is more creative than you are, or if you feel like you want more creative space in your life but there’s just never enough time, here is a creativity ritual you can use to engage all of your senses and put yourself in a place to feel inspired.

Prepare Your Creativity Zone

Set up a space that’s just for you, even if it’s only for a few minutes a day. Bring elements into the space that will engage each of your senses:

  • Sight - use pillows or blankets in your favorite colors; bring your favorite skeins of yarn and drape or display them around you; hang up or lay out images that inspire you and take your breath away.

  • Sound - Play soft, peaceful music or rock out to your favorite jams - whatever makes YOU feel the most inspired to create!

  • Touch - Make sure the area where you’ll be seated is soft and comfortable. Bring in textured blankets or pillows, or sit in your absolute favorite chair.

  • Scent - Light candles or incense or diffuse your most inspiring essential oil blends.

  • Taste - Brew a cup of your favorite tea, a mug of rich cocoa, an energizing espresso, or pour a glass of your favorite wine.

Make Space, Mentally and Physically

Sometimes we have so much to do that it can feel like a “waste of time” to practice something like a creativity ritual. If you’re reading this post, though, I’m going to guess it’s because you want more creativity in your life - you want to make the space to design and create new things, and you crave this time even if you feel like you can’t make room for it. So I encourage you to block off some time in your calendar for this ritual - even if it’s just a few minutes a week - because part of being the best person you can be means taking care of yourself and feeding your muse.

Once you have scheduled time for your creativity ritual, set up your physical space using the sensory guidelines above. Ideally, you will create this space in an area of your home where you can be completely alone; if that’s hard to come by, it might be best to go visit a nature center, park, or other quiet space nearby. The final thing you need to do is to keep a sketchbook and pen or pencil near you when you begin your ritual.

Connect with Your Creativity

Now that you’ve got your space set up and time set aside, it’s time to begin your creativity ritual. It’s a very simple process - you don’t need any advanced training to be able to do this! The more you build this practice into your life, the easier it will become to get into the proper mood, and the more you will want to make time for it.

Take a few moments to read over the ritual before you begin so that you can just be, in the moment, without having to read from a printed page or your phone in order to participate.

The simplicity of this ritual means you can really do it anywhere - if you don’t have time to set up an ideal place, just grab a few quiet minutes and do this wherever you are!

The whole idea is to use your breath - deep, healing breaths - to take in the positive and release the negative. With each pair of statements, breathe in for 5 counts, and out for 5 counts. Say these phrases to yourself in your mind as you breathe in and out. You can tweak the overall emotions here to suit your particular situation, but this is a good place to start!

Breathe in (say the first phrase)... Breathe out (say the second phrase):

  • I am peace… I release chaos.

  • I am joy… I release anger.

  • I am contentment… I release disappointment.

  • I am enough… I release criticism.

  • I am powerful… I release fear.

  • I am creative… I release doubt.

Continue to breathe in and out, noticing the inspiration all around you. Focus on bringing in light, peace, and creativity - focus on letting go of any negativity you’ve been holding onto.

When you reach the end of the ritual and you are in a place of peace and inspiration, take out your notebook and sketch something you’d like to design. Don’t think about it too much, don’t worry if you don’t know how to make it just yet - just think “What would I love to own in my knitwear collection?” - and then sketch out a design for that piece.

You’re on your way, fibre dreamer! You’ve taken a MAJOR first step toward embracing your creativity, letting go of your inner critic, and designing a life you love.

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