Yarn Cakes and Tea: Wool and the Gang Big and Fun Cardigan

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Yarn Cakes and Tea review; unfortunately, I won’t have a video version to go along with this review, just a written one! In this Yarn Cakes and Tea review, I’m taking a look at Wool and the Gang’s Mixtape Yarn. As a full disclosure, I was gifted one of their sets for this review, but I will still give my honest opinions about the yarn/kit!

I chose the Big and Fun Cardigan kit. I felt like I needed a good, big project to work on, in addition to my designs, and I like oversized cardigans. Also, this is a simple, no fuss project—a cardigan worked up in big yarn and stockinette stitch. The perfect project for a relaxing time!

The kit comes with all the yarn you need for the project: 8-10 balls. I rarely work with chunky/bulky yarns, and this is the first time I’m working with a yarn like Mixtape, which is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. I believe that most people would recognize it as t-shirt yarn? It’s technically a one-ply yarn, but the strand is made up of knitted fabric itself, making it springy, yet sturdy (I found it hard to cut sometimes!).

The kit comes with circular needles (which gives WATG a huge plus over WAK (We are Knitters) kits, who don’t offer circulars AT ALL).  Although in mine I got straights, so I had to order the circulars separately (which I paid for). Now I don’t know whether or not I got the straights because I accidentally ordered them, or because I was getting a free kit. Regardless, I use circular needles, even for flat projects, because it just makes knitting so much easier.

Once I actually got started knitting, I found it quite enjoyable! The yarn is easy to knit, the needles are pleasant to use, and knitting in stockinette is very relaxing. 

I’m still working on the back of the cardigan and just reading through the instructions. I find they are pretty simple, and don’t go into too much depth or over-explanation. However, at the back of the pattern booklet there are tons of tutorials, and a glossary of knitting terms. Knitters who are wanting to try something new should be able to feel confident about attempting their projects, even if they involve more advanced techniques.

My final thoughts: If I had to choose between WATG and WAK, I think I would go with WATG! First, they offer circular needles (huge) and I like their pattern booklet, as it provides good pattern support! But honestly, the circular needles won all the points with me. 

And…they’re offering a Big and Fun Cardigan kit to my followers! It’s pretty simple to enter. Each step equals one entry, so you can have up to 3 entries!

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