SWATCH Studio KAL Designers!

The first SWATCH Studio KAL is just around the corner - cast on day is October 10th and we now have our list of designers and their patterns! Please take a moment to read and look through all of these wonderful and creative designs and pick a couple to work on during the KAL! We have a nice assortment of hats, shawls, socks and cowls! And yes, we do have a wonderful collection of prizes for those who complete their projects - varying from yarn, to project bags, to stitch markers and patterns! Stay tuned for a listing of the prizes and the brands who donated them!

To participate in the KAL, just fill out the form below to be sent the details!

Becky Sorensen Designs: Red Herring Hat 

Becky Sorensen Designs: Red Herring Hat

A slouchy, worsted weight hat that’s perfect for those who prefer a little texture with their literary puns. Borne of a love/hate relationship with the herringbone stitch, after a few rows of herringbone, this fun knit surrenders and segues into a playful mock herringbone, keeping the smiles going as you knit the twists and turns.

Laura Peters Designs: Retki Hat

Retki is the Finnish word for excursion. Whether you take your Retki Hat camping in the mountains, apple picking on a farm, or to cover your hair for school drop-off, it is the perfect hat for any outing.

With its simple construction and comfy slouch, the Retki Hat will be your new go-to hat pattern. Best knit in a soft yarn with a nice drape, this versatile hat is suitable for both men and women and looks great on just about everyone. The wide rib brim contributes plenty of stretch to fit a wide range of sizes. It’s a quick knit that you’ll want to knit again and again.

It is written for knitters of all skill levels with tips on technique and how to adjust to your desired height and slouchiness. Knitters new to knitting in the round will appreciate the linked tutorial while the integrated garter ridges will keep more experienced hat knitters interested.

This.Bird.Knits Designs: Gemini

This asymmetrical shawl has two options, a Kerchief version or a Shawl version. This pattern contains both versions, for the Kerchief, you simply bind off after completing Section Three. Each time there is a color change, the yarn is meant to be cut with a tail left for weaving in later.

Katrina J Designs: The Ocean Floor Cowl

This cowl was created to mimic the movement and layering of the ocean; The slight waves are reminiscent of the marks left by the ebb and flow of water, and the embellishments are a picture of the organic growth of coral at the ocean bottom.

Will you knit the cowl with or without the embellishments? When adding your embellishments, do they fold back and forth across the base of your cowl? Do they swirl up one side? Do they follow the waves already established, keeping the movement going instead of breaking it up?

I hope this knit brings you joy and helps you express your inner creativity.

ASimpleHomestead Designs: Trinity Cabled Pillow #2

This is a classic-styled pillow cover design that uses three (= trinity) different styles of cable stitches to create an interesting pattern that only looks complex.

The cover was designed for a 16” (41 cm) pillow form with extra width on the sides to accommodate button holes. The buttons make for easy removal of the pillow form so you can wash the cover!

From Mana: Lost Highway

Sitting by the winter fire, knitting this shawl while listening to a Bon Jovi cd, I felt calm and happy. This is knitting I thought, creating joy, comfort and warmth with every stitch. Hence the Lost Highway Shawl was born.

This is a soothing winter knit, creating a piece either using up nuggets from your stash or specially selected colours that you feel good in. I hope you enjoy knitting Lost Highway as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Yarn Over New York: Stairmaster Scarf

Asymmetrical triangular scarf/shawlette comprised of modular mitered steps. Worked in garter stitch in self-striping yarn.

The clever staggered mitre shaping brings a retro feel into the current day and makes a stunning yet simple accessory.

Naasknits: Cornus Suecica Shawl

Cornus Suecica = Dwarf Cornel or Bunchberry

“The Cornus Suecica Shawl” is inspired by this cute little flower that grows by the sea and high up in the mountains.

The pattern of the Cornus Suecica Shawl has a right-leaning slant and an asymmetrical shape that increases by 1 stitch every RS row. Each RS row has an increase at the beginning, and each WS row has a decrease at the beginning and an increase at the end.

The Cornus Suecica Shawls is knitted in garter stitch and a single lace pattern. For an experienced knitter, this shawl is quick to knit, and if you are a novice knitter, don’t worry! It is easy to master. :)

In no time at all, you can be enjoying your new Cornus Suecica Shawl!

amknits: Little Garden

This baby sweater was inspired by the blooming gardens in the spring. I love all four seasons, but I do believe spring is the prettiest time of year, when the weather is just warming up and the world is awakening from a deep sleep. Sunshine, flowers and smiles!

A combination of Seed stitch and Moss stitch are used in this pattern. These stitches were chosen for their relevance in a garden. They are also both simple stitches which produce great texture. The color yellow was used in the sample to mimic the sunshine and warmth that fills us during the months of spring. The embroidered flowers complete this pattern with added cuteness, making this the perfect hand knit item in your baby’s spring/summer wardrobe!

KatalinBeth Designs: Dandelion Shawl

The Dandelion Shawl was inspired by childhood memories of lying in fields of dandelion blossoms on summer days, blowing dandelion puffs to make dreams come true.

This is a perfect pattern for new shawl knitters and a wonderful addition to any wardrobe for those cool, summer nights. What better way to spend an evening than wrapped up in dreams?

The delicate Dandelion Stitch border complements the flowing lines of garter stitch in this delightfully feminine, crescent-shaped shawl.

Choose yarn in 100% wool in two contrasting, solid colours to showcase both drape and contrast. This is a really easy design entirely knitted on both sides - no purling! The floral border looks like complicated lace but is in fact a simple, elongated stitch pattern, which is very easy to memorise.

Ker Gwened Knits: Amarres

I love to walk on an empty beach when it is cold outside, feel the fresh air in my hair, breathe deeply, the sounds of the waves gently lapping on the sand… Mmmmm ! So relaxing! 
I tried to put these feelings in a cowl. I love to have a squishy sweet knit cowl on my neck.

I’ve named this the “Amarres” cowl (mooring in English) because this is my first design and I thought of the French expression “larguez les amarres” (cast off the ropes) which means for me going out of my comfort zone and hoping it is the start of a long and exciting journey…

This is a nice project to reduce your stash.

Quirky Hand Knits: Diamonds Rock!

This beautiful triangular shaped shawl has diamonds cascading from throughout. Starting with small diamonds, the lace pattern builds to diamonds within diamonds, before finishing with large diamonds and a lace edge. With full written and charted instructions this pattern is suitable for adventurous beginners as well as more experienced knitters. Just one skein of 4ply yarn is needed to create this beautiful addition to your summer wardrobe.

Kamila Wojciechowska: Debiutantka

This is my debut pattern and as it is also perfect for debut knitters, I called it Debiutantka which means in Polish debutante. 
This is a triangular shawl, knitted from side to side, mainly in garter stitch with the lace section at the end. 
This pattern can be used as the „destasher” for single skeins. 
It is designed for three colours, but also looks good as a two- or a one-colour piece. 

Rebecca Milton Designs: This Way Please

These socks are knitted in the round, top down, in a simple lacy pattern, with a heel flap and gusset.

I would recommend a solid or gradient yarn, or a variegated with long colour changes, as the lace pattern may get ‘lost’ in a highly variegated yarn.

Crafty Queens: Alpine Haze Shawl

Meet the Alpine Haze shawl, a feather light wrap made out of mohair yarn. It may be thin, but it will still cover you with a welcome layer of warmth. A beautiful shawl to gift! Knit on 4 mm needles, it is a fairly quick knit. The simple lace pattern is easy to remember, which makes for a perfect TV-knitting project.

Bronwyn the Brave Designs: Windswept Forest cowl

As many of us know firsthand, wind is a powerful force. It can cause great destruction in a matter of minutes. But wind can also bring forth more gradual, graceful changes in nature. I was inspired by windswept trees with their branches gently arching backwards as if they are allowing the wind—and time—to pass. These trees bear the brunt of each blast yet continue to hold tight and thrive. We just might learn a thing or two from them.

Windswept Forest is a cowl knit in the round using a simple lace pattern; both charted and written instructions are provided. The yarnovers and decreases combine to evoke gnarly branches on purled trunks. A bonus is that this stitch pattern, while not truly reversible, looks great on the wrong side; strong trunks stand amidst countless tangled branches. The alternating columns of purl and knitted lace act as ribbing that prevents rolling, so there is no need for a top or bottom border. If joining the first round is tricky for you, I have a nifty trick for resisting the twist.

The Australian Wool Store: Alexanda Shawl

With its beautiful crescent shape and delicate lace border, Alexanda is an elegant and feminine shawl and sure to become a favourite. 
Knitted in one piece from the bottom up, it’s a quick and simple pattern and a delight to create. 
Alexanda was created to be knitted with The Australian Wool Stores’ hand dyed luxury yarn – 50% silk/50% merino.