Initiate Knit Design: Lessons Learned

Initiate Knit Design kicked off this week, with over 1,000 fiber bosses signed up to participate. Scrolling through the hashtags, I noticed a couple themes that I wanted to address here in this blog post.

1.         Overcoming Fear

Whether it was just participating in the challenge, creating the mood board, or working up the sketch there was always a level of fear present. This is totally normal, but sometimes we (for good reason) try to hide it. Fear is paralyzing and holds us back from taking action or trying new things. I saw so many creative and talented people this week push through their fear and challenge themselves to attempt something new. I cannot say enough how proud I am of each one of you for not letting fear hold you back and just doing it. The first time is the scariest and I hope that if you do find yourself returning to this particular design process, you will think, “Ha! I did it once—I can do it again!”

And I will confess right now, I am scared about hosting this challenge—what if it is not helping anyone? What if it is turning more people off to knitwear design than turning them onto it? I like how fear talks in all-or-nothing terms. K

2.         Learning What Doesn’t Work

This challenge was created to provide clarity and confidence in knitwear design. The process I am guiding you through, over these five days, is just one way of approaching knitwear design. Do I expect everyone to say, “THIS is the way to do it!” or “This totally works for me!”? For some, yes! For others, no! I expect people to look over the steps we went through, the past few days, and assess what played to their strengths and what felt stifling and cumbersome. You may find yourself shifting steps around or adding your own touch to the mix. That is what this challenge is all about: introducing you to a process, a foundation, that you can take and make your own. As one participant put it: “That’s what I love about creativity… You have to show up for it, so it can show up for you!” If you do not take action, you do not know what will or will not work for you.

We still have some days to get through, before the challenge is over, but keep up the good work! I certainly hope this challenge has been illuminating to you, in one way or another!

Ignite magic,