Reflections from my first Full Moon Ritual

This week, I participated in my first Full Moon Ritual. I have been exploring the concept of blending science and spirituality, while linking those to the craft of knitting. I’ve always been fascinated by the symbology of things, like crystals, sacred geometry, herbs, and moon phases. There is so much history, cultural significance, and wisdom to be learned, and anything that helps me with my personal development and awareness is good for Aroha Knits.

I am my brand and my brand is me. If I’m out of alignment, or not feeling in tune with what I’m doing, it will affect my brand. I touched upon this briefly a few weeks back, when I was making the decision to have my beta patterns a paid-for product, a low-enter paid-for product, but paid nonetheless. Making these patterns free didn’t sit well with me or what I valued, so it had huge implications on my health and mental state, until I was able to put myself back in alignment.

I’m still not sure how I’m going to fully make this new aspect of my life tie back into my brand, but the first thing to do is start practicing, learning, and journaling. I find knitting itself to be a very ritualistic practice: you set time aside for yourself, usually when things are quiet and calm; you place yourself away from the world for a moment; and you enter a whole new dimension. Your mind becomes fully entranced on the task at hand; it’s almost mesmerizing. That’s one of my favorite aspects of knitting—it’s the perfect time to meditate and reflect upon the world around us.

So why am I doing these other rituals if knitting is already a ritual? Well, I think I need a new hobby or passion to follow outside of my work. Knitting transformed from hobby to full-time endeavor, and I think it’s healthier for me to pursue a new hobby that will help me relax and unwind from a busy day creating and transforming. While I don’t think achieving a perfect life/work balance is possible, I do know that it’s important for me to explore new avenues for my creativity and myself. (Also, I’m really into hand-making. I’ve managed to pick-up wanting to make lotion bars and hand creams! Let’s see how that goes).

My abalone shell and sage used during the ritual.

My abalone shell and sage used during the ritual.

So what about this Full Moon Ritual? Well, it happened to be during the supermoon, which was pretty cool. The full moon represents the halfway point in the lunar cycle—you start the cycle with the new moon, which signifies new beginnings and setting new goals and intentions. During this time, you assess your journey over the past couple weeks, and see what is working or not working for you. For me, I did a lot of assessment over what negative habits, patterns, or thoughts I was still holding onto that were keeping me back from achieving my full potential as a human, woman, entrepreneur, crafter, creator, etc.

I spent an hour in the morning writing these negative thoughts down onto paper, and then burned it, to signify letting go of the negative energy. The interesting thing was that for the rest of the day, I was still “participating” in this ritual. I was delving deeper into what negative habits or feelings were truly getting to me, and felt like I had to talk to someone (my husband usually) to really articulate these feelings. At the end of the day, I spent some more time writing down unhelpful patterns onto paper and burned that too. After that, I felt a lot better. Like a weight had been lifted!

And now for the science—by writing my thoughts onto paper, and then burning it, didn’t make those thoughts “magically” disappear. It was because I dug deep into myself, acknowledged what wasn’t working for me, made it real by writing it down and talking about it with others, and then as I burned the paper, I chose to let go of those negative thoughts/habits as it went up in smoke. If anything, these moon rituals are just a framing device, but there’s something very calming and special about connecting to nature and the moon (which also happens to signify the feminine). I feel like it’s a way of connecting to my past, appreciating the present by slowing down and connecting to the natural world, and looking forward to the future by bettering myself.

So those are my ramblings for this blog post. I have been quite nervous about divulging this, as this could be seen as “woo-woo”, but deep down I have a true love and interest in the woo-woo. I decided that if I wanted to start living more authentically, I am going to share this aspect of my life with you, and find ways to merge this into my brand and offerings. I have a feeling that you are searching for something similar and starting down your own spiritual path. Let me know your thoughts and experiences! I would love to learn more.