Pata Shawl in Creative Knitting

Well, here it is! Another pattern in a magazine! At the beginning of 2015, I made it one of my goals to get at least one of my patterns into a knitting publication, and at the beginning of 2016, my managed to surpass that goal by getting three patterns accepted. One in Chicago Knits, Holla Knits! and now Creative Knitting. It wasn't all sunshine and roses, though, I had received way more rejections than acceptances but I'm learning what makes a good submission proposal and what gets me immediately in the rejection pile. 

But that is not what you are here for! You came here because you heard that I have a free pattern somewhere. And that I do indeed. Introducing the Pata Shawl!

Can you see the "water drops" in the leaves?

Pata is Maori for "drop of water", based off of the little bobbles in the lace resembling droplets. This is a crescent shawl with the same top-down construction as the Puaka Shawlette - yarn over increases are worked every row to achieve the shape. Blocking it helps stretch it into the proper form but even when the fabric relaxes (as it did in the sample photos here), it still makes for an elegant piece.

This shawl was chosen as the featured pattern of Creative Knitting's Spring Issue, meaning that it was selected for CK's upcoming KAL, starting this Friday. And as the featured pattern, it is being offered for free for a limited time. So if you download the pattern, consider also joining in on the KAL (pretty please, I'm sure it would make Kara, the editor, happy)!

1. Visit and click on the “Featured Pattern” tab. There, you'll find the Pata Shawl, available for as long as the summer 2016 issue is on the newsstand. Click “download,” and it's yours for free! 

2. Visit Annie's to purchase Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace or Plymouth Linaza in the color of your choice. 

3. On January 22nd, visit the Creative Knitting Fans Group on Ravelry to get started.