Motivational Monday: Purple

Let each Monday bring a new source of inspiration, growth and passion for life! Every week I'll be posting a series of images based around a common theme that I hope you will find will spark your creative minds.

Purple: bubble gum, royalty, eccentricity, grape flavored goodness, lavender fields

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Isn't this the truth?

You can put all your love and dedication into a design you've been working so long on and when you release the pattern, it's a pretty slow launch day. It can be discouraging to say the least, but then you think about other patterns you've put the same amount of effort into and they were successes!*

I think of this quote often to help me stay motivated. And I can attest to the value of hard work - the easiest way for me to assess it was in school. While studying hours and hours for an upcoming exam didn't guarantee a perfect score, or even an A, there was no way I could have graduated Summa Cum Laude without that work ethic. And while I am trying to figure out what "success" means to me, I know that I have to continue working hard in the mean time.

*This is not in reference to my most recent pattern release but some of my older designs that weren't so hot and it's more of a general statement!