FREE mini E-courses for designers

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed the ever on-going changes happening there. That’s because I am in the process of creating a hub of resources so to speak, for the aspiring designer or fiber entrepreneur wanting to make their mark in the industry.

I design but I also want to teach, educate and motivate others find their creative spark and voice of authority. We all have something to share and contribute to the community, we just sometimes just don’t know where to look or even start! I spent my first few months working as a full-time designer fumbling around and wasted several months going in the wrong direction because I had no idea what I was doing. I may not have all the answers to driving a successful design brand, but based on my experiences, I have learned what makes a good foundation for it. 

So today I'm announcing the launch of my FREE mini e-course series that I will be releasing over the course of the next few months. These mini online classes are aimed at designers of all levels who want to learn my ins and outs of the industry - such as:

  • maximizing interaction on my social media accounts
  • curating a beautiful IG feed to attract new followers
  • tips to make your design experience more enjoyable
  • making friends and relationships in the industry

To give you a taste of what these mini e-courses are like, check out my first free mini e-course, Excelling at Excel: Grading Knitwear Patterns. It's just a ten minute video leading you through how to use excel functions to convert numbers into stitch and row count quickly and efficiently so that you can start plugging in the numbers in your pattern! I've also included an excel worksheet so you can start playing around with the numbers too! 

These mini e-courses are going to lead up to the release of my master e-course, "The 10 Steps to Design". In this full-sized course I lead the aspiring designer though my steps of self-publishing a pattern on Ravelry and give them insights on how and why my designs 95% of the time make it to the front page of Ravelry's Hot Right Now page.

I am always open to helping those who ask for it, but I particularly enjoy working with those who are willing to put their fears behind them, are pro-active, excited and willing to put in the hard work and investments to achieving their goals! They take advantage of every opportunity to learn, gobble up the information and spit it back out with gusto, while adding their insights and thoughts which just makes the experience more rewarding all around. Does this describe you? If so, you’re the type of person I want to have in my friend group!

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Shoot me an email or shout out in the comments what goals you want to achieve with your brand!