Yarn Cakes and Tea Episode 3: Julie Asselin Sevilla

Written review below!

This week's episode of Yarn Cakes and Tea lines up perfectly with my newest pattern release, the Kumara Cowl! Julie Asselin had so graciously provided yarn support for this design that you can find in the newest issue of Holla Knits!, her Sevilla yarn base.

Creator Behind the Yarn

Julie Asselin is an independent yarn maker and dyer living in Quebec who creates some of the most stunning color ways I have ever seen. Her yarns have been used by some well known designers such as Alicia Plummer, Thea Colman and Joji Locatelli. I also used her yarn in another one of my designs, the Aura Stole.


I got four skeins of Sevilla in the color ways Ancient Gold and Commodore. Commodore is a lovely deep blue color way, but I was completely blow away by Ancient Gold. When the light hits in the right way, it looks like I'm holding gold in the form of yarn in my hands! (I wonder if gold spun yarn exists...). Both colorways have a nice subtle heathered tone, especially Commodore: the shifts in tones make for excellent definition to your projects.

Sevilla is a 100% SW merino worsted weight yarn, at 115g (4oz) / 185m (200 yards) per skein. Up until this point I had been reviewing merino, cashmere and nylon blends, which I praised for their softness, strength and bounce. Despite Sevilla being only SW merino, I think it holds up really well against the blended counterparts. It has a slight halo and I saw no breaks in the piles - and I used about one and a half skeins of each color way knitting up my sample. Very good quality yarn!

Each skein is priced at $24 and her yarns can be found in many local yarn shops across the globe (I first found her yarn at Yarnaholic, an online yarn shop based in Tokyo!). You won't have any trouble getting your hands on her yarns.


I knit the swatch using the Kumara cowl motif and it proved to be a quick and enjoyable knit, just like knitting up the sample for the Holla Knits! magazine. Any funky looking stitches in the swatch are my faults as knitting fair isle flat still is tricky for me. No splitting in the yarn, no piling or fuzzing and it knits nicely and smoothly on both metal and wooden needles. Working these two particular color ways together also lent itself to some really remarkable results - whatever color is the main accent of the motif, the background color really helps to let it shine.

This is also a very sturdy yarn, yanking it and pulling it doesn't seem to hurt it at all.


Blocking the swatch and samples showed no major issues in color bleeding. The yarn held the dye well so there was no color bleeding in the water nor in the knitted objects. The stitches are very well defined, textured stitches (such as the garter stitch) pop out, the color work motifs are nice and clear. There is a slight halo to the fabric which gives it a nice soft fuzz. 

I will say that any irregularities and errors in the knitted project will not be as blended as well as other fibers - however I can't say if its due to the yarn weight or to the SW yarn. Regardless, make sure to fix any mistakes or funky looking stitches you see! 

The Kumara cowl knit sample has very warm and cozy to wear. It's soft, non-itchy and keeps in the heat well - if I didn't have to send it off for the publication, I would definitely be wearing it right now! 


Pricing could be an issue for some, and the fibers don't bloom as much as others, so you will have to pay attention to your work. However, Sevilla is a very good choice for a SW merino yarn. Excellent stitch definition, lovely color ways, quick and easy to work with, absolutely no complaints with the finished objects. It's easy to find and you won't have a problem getting your hands on the yarn. If you're extra lucky, your LYS may even have this yarn in stock for you to touch and play with yourself.

Aroha Knits Seal of Recommendation: Yes! You will want this yarn in your stash! Get it!!