Motivational Monday: Red

Let each Monday bring a new source of inspiration, growth and passion for life! Every week I'll be posting a series of images based around a common theme that I hope you will find will spark your creative minds.

Red: fire, passion, drive, motivation, perseverance

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For today's Motivational Monday... Don't strive for perfection, strive for growth.

I've learned some important lessons from managing my own brand: 1) I don't know everything, 2) I know more now than I did yesterday, 3) and tomorrow I'll have learned something new and 4) not knowing everything is ok and almost kinda amazing?

I can talk to anyone in this wonderful community and learn something valuable, whether it's a knitting technique, business tip or just inspirational stories and it's shown me that no one is too small to teach, and no one is too big to learn. We all have something valuable to share with one another and we can all grow!